Best Employee Ever — Michael Hein

Since the New Year of 2024 got rolling I’ve had the opportunity to get reacquainted with a former employee.  Michael Hein was the best all around Administrator that worked for me during my nearly two decades of leading the Christian Civic League of Maine.  We drifted apart after my resignation in 2009.

He stayed involved with politics as a hobby and has quite a story to tell.  I’m hoping he’ll choose to tell the story everywhere online, especially here on my blog.

I’ve published an excellent bit of journalism that he emailed to me yesterday.  If you click thru on his name above you’ll be taken to a webpage where all his work will appear in an index of links.

Mike is an old school political activist who’s tactics are being crushed by the ideologues in government.  Since Maine legally separated itself from Christianity our home state has gone downhill morally.  Mike understands that the only path forward for Maine includes respecting the social Kingship of Jesus Christ.  That is our only hope for restoring freedom of speech and conscience to all Maine citizens.

Empowering the government to prosecute so-called “hate crimes” will only worsen the situation.  That idea is pre-crime insanity and MUST be rejected by every freedom loving Mainer.

Mike knows that our children are our future.  You’ll see what I mean as you start following his work.

I’m honored to have reconnected with Michael Hein … this time outside the employer/employee rubric.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to continue enjoying his friendship.


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