It was my third time in as many months.  I was living in North Carolina in late 2021.  This placed me within striking distance of Washington D.C.  We drove into the city for all three Stop the Steal rallies.  The last rally has been making headlines ever since that fateful sixth day of January.

While I wasn’t thrilled with any of the three political events, I was thankful that they remained political and didn’t devolve into anything more threatening or violent.  Outside of the fringe scuffles with Antifa they were the sort of political events I’d grown accustomed to over nearly four decades of working in American politics — mostly at the state level in Maine.

For at least a half dozen years I’ve observed that America’s feminist movement hollowed U.S. out.  Over her century of crusading this God-hating movement drained the righteous testosterone from society.  Insipid activism and vapid debates were leading nowhere good.  I felt then, and I know today, that this willful destruction of manliness would cost us.

This is why I was especially interested in the rhetoric of men young and old in DC during those closing months of the Trump presidency.  The 22 year old Nick Fuentes captured my attention and fired my political imagination, as did the Proud Boys and Alex Jones.  It was great to see these men jump out of their virtual webpages onto the real inside the beltway political stage forcefully driving their points home.  Trump’s “mean” tweets were no longer the only evidence of a confident patriarchal America.

The world’s forceful anti-reason crusade against the political and religious speech of these men is fueling the fire that is consuming our great country.  The censorship is evidence of the weakness and failure of our leadership.  These men should be welcome in our halls of power to make their arguments.  Instead our leadership feels they must manipulate the public to hate these men.  Our leaders truly believe that their propaganda is going to fix this.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

I observed above that none of the rallies devolved into violence.  That’s not entirely true of course.  January 6th did include violence — murder by government even — and many good people are unjustly imprisoned today as a result.

The Federal Government is to blame for what transpired that day.  It wasn’t politics.  It was corruption inside the beltway.  The war-like revolutionary character of what transpired in the afternoon and evening are the responsibility of our out-of-touch elites who continue to fail in their duty to represent their people.

The leadership in DC could care less about me and you.  Republicans are as bad as democrats.  And our pastors and priests are no better.  They carefully protect and nurture their place in the institution.  Righteousness, principle, morality and virtue are not a factor in their calculations.  Especially if a fight for principle requires that they stand alone.  Jesus Christ does not know these people.  They have as much to do with His nature as global warming has to do with cow farts.

We have decided to live a supremely selfish existence.  This is why we keep voting for the same evil, and continue to “worship” in the same out-of-touch stained glass fortresses.  Churches are not safe zones for Christians and sinners.  Churches are boot camps for righteous soldiers and martyrs.  If your worship doesn’t give you muscle to withstand suffering as a consequence of your stand against sin then you have cause to wonder about where you worship.

In a recent blog post entitled “The Internet is the Battlefield” I include a link to a YouTube interview with Dr. Robert Malone.  I write

I like a lot of what I’m hearing him (Malone) say in this interview, though the goofy talk about “spiritualism” is creepy.  The problem in the West is not with spirituality.  We went to war with our religion centuries ago.  We still haven’t stopped making war on King Jesus Christ.  We are so full of ourselves that we refuse to acknowledge the role of religion in our lives.  Alas.

When I wrote that blog post I hadn’t finished listening through the entire hours long discussion between Malone and the podcaster.  As I write this I still haven’t finished.  I have, however, continued and just listened to the good doctor confess that his need to pay for his horse’s feed over his recent years heading toward retirement led him to “keep his head down” in Washington D.C.  For personal economic reasons, in other words, he kept his distance from the realities of decision making in D.C.  This willful ignorance OVER YEARS is what made him so gullible that he took two jabs based on misplaced trust of the people in power who he had worked with and known for years.

Malone is not nobody in all of this.  He is universally credited with either helping invent, or inventing, the untested MRNA tech on which most covid vaccines rely.  Feeding his horses in retirement should not have blinded him to what his paymasters in DC were doing.  He “kept his head down” out of fear, truth be told.  He was afraid of losing his paycheck.

And so are you.

So am I.

We lack the infrastructure, tools and skills to feed ourselves like Americans did using small farm agriculture less than a century ago.  The first world is ABSOLUTELY DEPENDENT on money to survive today.  If we make up the “first world” that would mean that there is, by comparison, a last world.

King Jesus Christ observed, “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

In God’s eyes the J6 prisoners, the jobless unvaxxed and fearless Christian cancelled are the last who will be first.  The insider elites are preparing themselves for eternity in Hell.

Christian … choose to be a Saint.  There’s nothing else in this world, or the next, that is worth doing.

Jesus also taught, “The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.  Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.”

The West (first world), rewarding debt and usury, has wandered from her historic faith.  We have pierced ourselves with many, many griefs.



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