Russia is going to stop the U.S. and NATO.  The Ukraine “war” will be over before the end of 2023.  The West is retreating.

“Gay” is starting to lose, thank God.

I have believed since the covid nonsense started that the Internet is the battlefield of World War III.  I celebrate every day that passes without a nuclear mushroom cloud rising from some point on planet earth.  The bad guys have demonstrated their willingness to enable a straight up toxic chemical cloud to crawl skyward from East Palestine, Ohio.  Satan has not, however, been able to cause Biden, buttplug and their crew to launch a nuclear missile … yet.

Satan has, however, been able to weaponize knowledge and relationships against reason and virtue.  He has never been enabled to employ a more powerful psychological weapon than the one everyone pays a grand a year to hold in their hand, and hang around their neck — the “smart” phone.  But I see evidence the devil is starting to lose his grip.

More people are waking up every single day.  This from a writer published by Ron Unz recently,

I was born in Chicago in 1960, and I’ve lived in the same region all my life. But I find myself wondering every day now, “Where the hell am I? Is this really America?”  It seems to me that the United States of America—including its government, its big corporations, and even its population—has purposefully set out to alienate me, by transforming itself into a strange, alien land that bears no resemblance to the country in which I grew up during the 1960s and 1970s. I’ve been observing this twisted transformation with dismay since at least the 1990s, but the evidence has become abundantly obvious during the past few years that this modern-day America does not want me to be part of it, and, conversely, I don’t want to be part of this America.

I was born one year later in 1961.  I don’t want to be part of this America either. If we are about creating a world where freedom means cutting off your private parts when you’re twelve I ain’t interested.  I don’t want any part of that.  Count me as your mortal enemy if that’s where your ideology has led you.  And … that is indeed where the majority of Americans are camping out.  It appears the majority is all in with defining anti-discrimination as inclusive of gender insanity.  I decided years ago to never even allow myself to think in those categories.  I am not going to start now.  Even IF the regime sends the FBI to my door, which they’ve already done once.

I WILL die fighting what Dr. E. Michael Jones accurately calls the gay disco, if that is the only way to stop this evil.  The West — certainly the United States of America — is more dedicated to promoting all things sodomy than it is to even thinking about what it means for a child to enjoy an innocent childhood.  America’s public schools, especially for our boys, are nothing more than preparatory institutions for a lifetime of masturbation to porn.  All American institutions are led by greedy humans who refuse to be satiated by the stuff money can deliver.  They always want more.  And they are especially addicted to material comforts and emotional “safety.”

This is especially true of Western religious leadership.  They love the new world order more than they love the idea of God.  “Christian” leaders hate Jesus Christ, and everything for which He stands.  If following Christ is about anything at all it is about accepting the reality of carrying a cross … every … single …. day.  That means rejecting the world, and everything it offers.

Do Christians do that today?  No, we don’t.

We love our comforts.

Data collection tools that lurk behind the huge flat screens boomers watch continuously are every bit as powerful as the ones collecting every bit of facebook/youtube data we create on a nanosecond-by-nanosecond basis.  The revolutionary elites angling for depopulation and global control weaponize that data to create continuous chaos in our brains and souls.  They benefit from this chaos by pretending that what’s left of national governments are actually governing — that these governmental institutions do indeed care about their people.  I realized this was a lie many decades ago.  Most people are still sleep walking toward oblivion, actually worrying about the IRS, and what some government bureaucrat thinks of them.

Those days are long gone.  The American government cannot be trusted, full stop.

It is evil.

The Church is not far behind, though it still has the truths of the Bible and tradition to help it discover truth.  I’ve completely given up on the human element in Western Christianity.  If you carry any official Church credentials you will have to earn my trust over time.  If you are employed by government, or the private sector, I don’t trust you.  I may never trust you, unless you’re talking often about the critical importance of repentance and/or responsibility.

I encountered this youtuber for the first time this morning, the one asking the questions in this interview with Dr. Robert Malone.  I still don’t know what to think of Malone.  He invented the MRNA tech that Big Pharma weaponized.  They call it a vaccine.  I call it poison.  Malone is publicly critical of the use to which his tech has been put by Pharma.  I like that aspect of his presentation.

And I like a lot of what I’m hearing him say in this interview, though the goofy talk about “spiritualism” is creepy.  The problem in the West is not with spirituality.  We went to war with our religion centuries ago.  We still haven’t stopped making war on King Jesus Christ.  We are so full of ourselves that we refuse to acknowledge the role of religion in our lives.  Alas.

The interview gets into the subject of loving enemies.  We must love our enemies.  Christians do that because God, through His Son Jesus Christ, told us to do that.  What I haven’t figured out is whether that love takes the form of killing the evil in human form — which is what righteous soldiers do in war — or whether World War III’s battlefield remains the internet allowing for the conflict to persist as psychological/political instead of kinetic.  I pray for the former and realize God has not put me in a place where I have authority to speak meaningfully to the latter.

My belief is that this War will be won psychologically.  Men who choose virtue over comfort are winning.  I don’t think it is going to go nuclear.  I pray every single day that America chooses to adjust to her diminished power in the world by choosing the cross rather than the sword.

We are a republic forged before Christianity was beheaded in Europe.

May God restore our respect for Him, reason and religion as He works through the prayers of His people to bring justice, and peace, on earth.


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