This Scottish creator is awesome.  With Neil Oliver I get both an accent, and a mind, that I can really and truly love.  There is so much inspiration and truth available on the internet now that my toughest decision every single day is which email to open, and which to delete.  This is a good problem to have, and evidence to suggest that we are starting to win this Internet war.

My biggest frustration is people my age and older.  We all tend to socialize with people our own age.  It’s a fact of life, I suppose.  In recent years I’ve gotten to the point where I’d rather have a tooth extracted than be forced to engage in small talk.  And right now I’m living in a cesspool of small talk — Florida.  The silver lining is learning first hand why DeSantis will lose to Trump.  Small …. Talk.

It’s the only form of communication left to old people.  The retirement mentality from hell has enabled them to abandon the churches, and their families.  They’re wasting the wealth they’ve stored up over a lifetime of mostly productive work “enjoying” the beach, distancing themselves from reality.  Neil Oliver’s video is a wake up call.

He allows that there are reasons to be encouraged.  He quickly, however, reminds U.S. of the peril we face.  We are living through the darkest moments in human history.  I feel like I’m using understatement.  Apologies.

The evil that is now obvious in the likes of Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, George Soros and Klaus Schwab is twisting their visage demonic.  I see a demon gloweriing whenever I encounter them in the media.  That is how close to the surface satan has been forced by the courage of men like Neil Oliver.

We win when you join him on the front line of this culture war.  Truth and justice are airborne.  Neil’s videos are the vacuum suctioning the plane skyward.  You sharing the truth on your social media is the pressure pushing heavenward.  Prayers are the fuel, and Jesus Christ is the pilot.  Humanity’s air force is about to MOAB** the devil.

Thank you Jesus.

** Mother of All Bombs


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