My Candidacy Continues

On January 9, 2021 I announced my decision to make myself available to serve as Governor of Maine.  I decided to pursue the idea as a registered Republican.  After six months I decided I needed to make my candidacy Independent of both major political parties.

As an independent candidate I will not be fund raising.  This will be an all volunteer effort.

I am writing this in September of 2021.  We have until sometime mid year 2022 to gather enough signatures to place my name on the ballot in November.  Mr. Global has decided that the Democrat candidate will be Jezebel Janet Kills.  Republicans are coalescing behind Paul Turn-Le-Page.

I am willing to serve as Governor.  But I really don’t want to do it given the evil that is loose in America.  I’d rather spend the next few years doing what I’m doing now.  I am a Christian laborer working full time in the landscaping trade.  It is hard work.  It is good work.

Politics is supposed to be good work.  We’ve allowed politics, however, to separate from maintaining the common good — especially at the level of the individual citizen.  Politics is now about maintaining a status quo defined by what Catherine Austin Fitts calls “Mr. Global.”  I will  refer to the wicked political, cultural and religious forces pressing down on Maine as Mr. Global during my campaign.

I am a Christian born into an atheistic constitutional republic.  I am not interested in maintaining the ferocious atheistic character of Maine or America.  Our constitutional republic can only be maintained by fidelity to orthodox Christian values.  No other religion — certainly not atheism — can be counted on to carry Maine into the future.  A weak form of cultural Christianity brought the United States of America into existence.  Pride and power caused U.S. to depart from the founding vision of the nation.  We were not formed with a government capable of empire.  It is collapsing … the whole world hopes.

A declaration of our national dedication to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, will replace government enforced atheism or we will continue to transgender down to unhinged insanity.

I’ll be writing much more about this topic as I continue the campaign.  If you know someone who may be interested send them my website address and invite them to create an account.  I’ll be doing some selective interviews with the atheist press.  The truth about my candidacy will be available in only one place —



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