Panopticon — A building, as a prison, hospital, library, or the like, so arranged that all parts of the interior are visible from a single point.


Evan MacIan


Everybody in the world knows that social media and the internet are a full on Panopticon.  I’ve written about this in the past.  Search the word on this blog to read what I wrote before.

The only question remaining is what each and every individual on the planet is going to do with this reality.  Many are choosing the Birds Aren’t Real approach.  I learned yesterday this phrase mocks people who push back against this literal Matrix.

So be it.  I guess Birds Aren’t Real then.  The globalist psyop for absolute power is true.  It’s real.  It’s happening.  To you.  Right now.  If you choose to ignore it that’s your problem.  I’m not going to make it mine.

And that’s why I’ve changed my online name on the Big Tech platforms to “Evan MacIan.”  I’ve kept most other facts the same, though I’ve removed most personal datapoints like birthday, address, phone number etc. from the accounts.

My Google email is the same one I’ve had since Google gave away a gig of storage with a “free” email account back in Old Testament times.  I simply changed the name that is registered with the account.  I’m messing with the artificial intelligence algorithms as much as I feel I can while still keeping important information public.

I’ve never been interested in establishing “friendships” with a heavy internet component to them.  Friends have contact with one another in the real world.  Facebook was a psyop from the beginning.  Google, Microsoft and Apple were conquered and possessed by satan as time went on.

It has become so bad for these “companies” that they must be destroyed by the governments of the world.  America has really blown it with Big Tech.  It is long past time to start over.

As I wrote in this blog post about my current employment I am concerned about being able to work for a living in Maine going forward.  Scared actually.

I don’t aspire to monetize this blog or anything online.  God has disabled my ability to feel entirely comfortable earning my daily bread through tapping on a keyboard, or talking to a computer screen.

I want to continue to work in the real world doing real labor with real people.  I’m not at all sure this will be allowed to a white Christian guy living in Maine.  The state government for whom I work is showing no signs of slowing down it’s injection of left wing lunacy into everything.  It feels inevitable that my Park Manager responsibilities will not be allowed to coexist with my Christian duty to God and Country.

Time will tell.

Is it true that the only path forward for me with respect to employment is the deletion of this blog — the absolute erasure of Michael Stuart Heath and his accomplishments over a lifetime spanning 61 years?  You’ll forgive me for concluding the answer is an unequivocal YES as I continue to suffer the consequences of cowardice in the pulpit.

It is not hard to imagine the press or some blogger finding out where I work and deciding to twist my historically forceful political and religious polemics/activism to get me fired — notwithstanding whether I’m in uniform or not.

What should I do?  What can I do?

Follow my conscience.

That’s what I’m going to do.

You do the same.

We’ll see what happens in the end.





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