On April 1, 2023 I accepted an offer to work for the government of Maine, specifically the Bureau of Parks and Lands.  My grandfather, Lawrence Stuart, was the second director of this government agency. He served from 1956 into the early 1970s.  His service inspired Paulie (my wife) and me to move in this direction with respect to my employment.

Since I resigned from the Christian Civic League of Maine back in 2009 I’ve been serving Maine and America as a laborer.  As Executive Director of the League I worked with the power elite. Having decided to leave their ranks I chose to use less brain, and more bicep, muscle to earn my bread.  I’ve enjoyed many of the jobs I’ve performed, and learned things I would never have learned remaining in the stratosphere of American politics and religion.

I worked for more than one Federal Express contractor.  My last work for this giant American corporation did not end well.

I was sort of fired without being fired.  The legal department at headquarters has a file on me.  I’m so “hateful” that they’ve determined that I cannot work for them anywhere in the world for the rest of my life.

I admit to some culpability in this incident.  I did wear the logo at pro life events, and while recording some online videos on my way to work.  My wearing of the FedEx brand was noticed by the folks who want to murder babies and erase Christianity from this world.  The particular complainant that fueled this employment crisis for me — I learned months later — was secretly transitioning from male to female.

The FBI came to my house.

In retrospect I’ve decided that I was imprudent.  At the time I hadn’t thought through the matter.  And my contractor had not asked me to sign anything indicating that I wouldn’t wear FedEx branded clothing at events that could result in the brand being identified with one side, or another, of a controversial issue.

At the time I reasoned that what was good for the goose was good for the gander.  As a woke corporation they were flagrantly offending the dignity of the brand of which I was proud as a loyal employee.  I arrogantly figured I’d clean it up a little by wearing their raincoat at prayer meetings in front of abortion clinics.

I won’t be wearing my Maine Parks uniform anywhere but the Park.  I shouldn’t.  It was wrong for me to wear the FedEx uniform when I wasn’t working.  I was arrogant, mistaking my pride for righteousness.

In our economic and legal system private companies have the right to define what their logo means to the public.  If FedEx wants to be out and proud at “gay” pride parades they can do it.  Employees should not have the right to take their disagreements with their company into the public square.

Maine’s government made me sign pages and pages of legalese that gives them the same right that FedEx has over their brand.

While being paid by FedEx I was the best driver I could be delivering packages.  At the Christian Civic League of Maine I was the best public spokesperson I could be.  I will serve as the best Park Ranger I can be while working this job.