Facebook should stand aside and let competing opinions vie for public approval, rather than presuming to determine the truth of a complicated matter — Epoch Times article entitled “New ‘Fact Check’ Stifles Informed Debate on Virus Origin, Results in Advancing Beijing’s Agenda

CCP Virus Censorship

American tech giants want communist favor more than they want either freedom for individual minds, or peace in their nation and the world.  That is because they are American businesses.  They are corporations.  They exist to make a profit.  Period.  While they dabble in religion at events like the annual desert orgy called “Burning Man” they’ve all decided to Be Evil.  Especially when it comes to the Chinese Communist Party.

And who can blame them.  Most American manufacturing was moved to China over the past few decades.  Who benefitted from that shift of economic capital and loss of jobs for the average Sally or Joe piecework employee?  The owners benefitted financially, of course.  America is one big egalitarian paycheck — mostly for the individuals who happened to own a stake in the businesses that off shored their production during that time.  America is fast becoming a slave state for the worker.

You’ve probably noticed that all the big providers have stayed open during this worldwide communist lockdown in response to the CCP Virus spread.  The word WalMart has never been more on the lips of Americans.  Who makes their stuff?  China.  Your neighbor’s restaurant is closed.  All small operations have closed either by force, or so that they can grab that government paycheck loan, which is actually a grant.  As I understand it, the “loan” doesn’t have to be paid back as long as the owner uses the funds to pay their employees during the lockdown.

A number of months ago I noticed videos entitled “American Thought Leaders” showing up in my YouTube feed.  I download and listen to YouTubes while I’m delivering packages for FedEx.  As a somewhat related aside, FedEx pays their drivers a slave wage.  I choose the low wage because it means they aren’t beholden to the dictates of the corrupt Unions and matriarchal government, like UPS and the Post Office.  I worked for the Post Office for three months a couple years ago.  I quit after some “conversations” with the tyrannical Postmaster, ten years my junior, who managed his stress by swearing at newbies like me.  He, and Post Office pressure, annoyed me back to FedEx.

Back to the videos.  Turns out that the video series is produced and distributed on YouTube by an outfit called “The Epoch Times.”  I became interested in their perspective on the news after reading their work on the recent shooting in Canada.  I wrote a COLUMN based on that article.  I wasn’t surprised to learn that their perspective is informed by religious thinking.  They mention “Falun Gong,” a Chinese religious movement, in their description of themselves.

Included on their About page is this description, “The Epoch Times was founded in the United States in the year 2000 in response to communist repression and censorship in China. Our founders, Chinese-Americans who themselves had fled communism, sought to create an independent media to bring the world uncensored and truthful information.”

All that led to my watching their video documentary on the CCP Virus and then sharing it with my wife, Paulie.  She watched it yesterday morning and decided to share it on her personal Facebook account.  Fakebook proceeded to warn her that if she published the post she would put her account at risk.  She posted it anyway.  By the end of the day she was reporting that she felt Facebook is now shadow banning her.  Having just completed nearly a half year of chemo therapy for Ovarian Cancer, followed by this draconian lock down, she had become attached to Fakebook’s platform and tools for socializing with friends.  It appears that this is now compromised by Fakebook’s love for censorship and communism.

Welcome to the world that even Orwell couldn’t imagine.  He got the broad outlines in his work, but he missed the finer details.  We are now living through those details.  And each of us must decide what we are going to do.  Are we going to continue to exist in the evil, false, ugly, bloodthirsty and nonsensical world Biden and company are creating for U.S. or will we free our souls from this bondage.  It’s up to you.

The worst thing that could happen to you is that you would be tortured and die.  You wouldn’t be the first.  And you won’t be alone.  It’s happening to millions of good people in China right now.  Hundreds of millions have died at the hands of brutal, Godless ideologues and their minions over the past century and a half.

God isn’t going to let it continue.  Either Jesus Christ will return, or He will bring good out of all this evil.  That’s the truth.  And that gives me eternal hope.

You should watch the Epoch Times documentary and think your own thoughts.  Don’t just go along to get along … with the government and CNN … or even FoxNews.  Pray.  Think.


You may also want to read the Epoch Times response to Facebook’s censorship.



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