“When Wortman began his carnage late on April 18 by murdering his recently estranged ex-partner and her new boyfriend, authorities say he was wearing an RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) uniform and driving a mock-up of an RCMP cruiser.”

— Epoch Times article entitled “Nova Scotia Killer and the Possible Deeper Reasons Behind His Rampage”

Dad-Deprived World

51 year old Gabriel Wortman was killed by Canadian police on April 19.  He had just finished murdering at least 22 people.  Channeling the cultural and moral authority of Canada’s elite law enforcement agency, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Wortman meted out His judgment on the world around him.  The materially-successful but spiritually-deprived denturist carried out his murders wearing an RCMP uniform and driving an auctioned police cruiser he owned.

There are two facts that interest me about this incident.  First, he started his murder spree by killing his “estranged ex-partner and her new boyfriend.”  Second, he was an only child raised by his mother.  Epoch News reported, “An only child, Wortman was raised by his mother after his parents divorced.” 

Wortman was triggered to kill his estranged ex-partner after having a heated argument with his girlfriend.  In the news reports I’ve read I haven’t found that Wortman was ever married.  But we know that at the time of the murders he had enjoyed relations with at least two “girl friends.”  Warren Farrell, author of the book “The Boy Crisis,” cited reports that “Wortman was having relationship problems with his girlfriend and how he was reportedly acting jealous.”

Farrell told Epoch News, “Whether they were Adam Lanza who committed the Sandy Hook killings, Elliot Rodger at UC Santa Barbara, Dylann Roof in Charleston, Nikolas Cruz in Parkland, Stephen Paddock in Las Vegas, and on and on, they were all dad-deprived kids.”

The people of the world, Westerners especially, inhabit a dad-deprived culture.  The world’s response to the Chinese Communist Party Virus is no different than Wortman’s unhinged version of justice.  Neither is God’s, or any other religion’s, version of justice.  Both are extreme boyish playground examples of bullying.

Wortman put on the uniform of the most recognized and legally violent authority in his neighborhood and won his final victory.  The super rich globalist oligarchs of the world have put on the science-based uniform of post-modernist priestcraft to gain their victory over the men of Western civilization who are denying them absolute control of humanity.  Trump and Putin come to mind.  The world’s reaction to the Chinese Communist Party Virus is communism’s boyish temper tantrum.  The economic devastation visited on the world’s population cannot be understood in any other way.  It is a political over-reaction made possible by the West’s (mostly America’s) collapse into an especially wicked and morally toxic Fatherless secularism.

I am not saying that the virus isn’t dangerous.  The question is not whether it spreads quickly.  It is also unquestionable that it kills people.  The average age, however, of the victims is over eighty years old.  And most of those who die are also fighting other serious health issues.  This sort of mortality statistic is similar to the flu, something with which we are all too familiar.  The one fact that overwhelms all others about this virus is the lack of scientifically accurate information.  This fact has, since the beginning of this crisis, forced me to conclude that our betters know something we don’t … like maybe it’s a bioweapon engineered to cut an unimaginably horrible swath of devastation through the world’s population.

At this point I don’t think that’s the case.  We are over-reacting to a potential threat to our material existence in a maternal way.  We are putting safety first.  To hell with all other considerations — especially transcendent moral verities.

Men don’t think or act this way.  Women do.  The world is Father-deprived because the United States of America has used it’s vast economic and military resources to flatten the world.  Oh yes, it’s true.  The world is indeed flat.  Everybody and everything is equal — especially in what we once called the humanities.  It’s been that way for decades — all ideas and religions being equal in worth and truth.  Now the equality virus has infected science.  That’s why we can’t even accept our God-given genders anymore.  Even material reality is unhinged.

The barn door through which the Father just passed is swinging on it’s hinges.  Humanity is forcibly locked inside the barn with safety-conscious, politically correct mom.  Dad is outside in the sunshine getting ready to plow the field.

If we’d all just come out from under mom’s skirt and run joyously through the still swinging door we might be able to persuade dad into a quick game of tag before he settles into his harness for the day’s labor.




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