Helping Hands Ministries is a Christian Ministry.  We love the image of God in every person on the earth.  This legal entity is incorporated in the United States of America.  Laws respecting so-called discrimination and “hate” have become unhinged from reality.  We participate in programs, and utilize services, provided by American technology companies that we disagree with vehemently.  It is not possible to live and work in America without using services from providers like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Paypal.  It is not hate or discrimination for a person, or a society, to choose sexual morality over sexual immorality.  We summarily reject the imposition of all discrimination and hate practiced by American corporations and individuals against Jesus Christ and his Ambassadors on earth.  Sodomy is wicked.  Those who practice it, and those who choose to be allies with those who practice it, deserve — and receive from us — the very same quality of love and care we provide to all other sinners.  And the government has a duty to penalize said behavior.  The government’s failure to do this is not our responsibility.  Our duty is to God first, and civil society second.


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