This morning I hit the streets of Maine’s capital city, Augusta.  I’ve spent decades of my life here living, ministering and fighting in Jesus name.  I am ashamed to say that there is a baby murder mill here.  It must be closed down.

I am thrilled to report that men and women have maintained a faithful Christian vigil against this vile place for decades.  One man in particular deserves mention — Ron Stauble.

Ron is a retired bus driver.  He is in his 80s.  He is a gentle and soft spoken man who believes with his whole heart that people will turn away from abortion if they are given the facts.  And man, does he have facts.  I love Ron.  He loves babies and Jesus.

I led a group of five men in prayer this morning and wept when I came to acknowledging Ron’s dedication and leadership.

I enjoyed a precious moment introducing Bob Garrett to live streaming on the internet.  He was energized by the experience.  I think it gave him hope for getting the truth out there to more people and finally bringing an end to the slaughter.  You can watch him in the video above.  We were talking to David Arthur, the Alphabet Man.  David lived for thirty years as a woman.  After his death bed conversion he started a ministry called “I Belong Amen Ministries.”  A few weeks ago we helped him start a daily Live internet show.  He is helping people find hope and healing in Jesus Christ.  You won’t hear David’s story on the fake corporate news.  That’s because we don’t love Jesus Christ enough to turn it off.

Love Jesus!  There’s a reason He’s never mentioned on popular television programs and movies.  His gospel brings peace.  America will never fulfill it’s financial obligations without war.  We have made our country into the world’s most despicable arms merchant.  We need to stop it.  Now.

And we can help stop it by tuning out the corporate media and by tuning in the truth.

Check out Alphabet Man Live.  He’s producing a daily show now at 9 am EST.

Watch it!

And help me to support David and my son, Jared, who are making this gospel work possible.  Click here and donate today.  I’m replacing my meager weekly FedEx paycheck with donations so that I can help David and Christian like him full time.  Thanks in advance for your prayers and help.


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