I just finished reading a most helpful article on cultural marxism.  I became interested in the article because of the hearty endorsement of Ray Moore from Exodus Mandate.  I respect Ray’s judgment.

I am writing about the article because it is going to be translated into Portuguese for distribution in Brazil by one of the culture warriors we give maximum energy to supporting … Julio Severo.  I recommend you read the article and then come back to finish this blog post.

Click here to read the article by P. Andrew Sandlin entitled, “Karl Marx Meets the Gospel Coalition.”

We need your help so that we can fulfill God’s call for us to help Julio and his homeschooling family of seven.  He requires technical assistance to continue expanding his online tent stakes, so to speak.  We are uniquely equipped by virtue of being the “electronic family farm” to help him.  I’ll write a blog post soon about the phrase “electronic family farm.”  Trust me for now.  We know a thing or two about computers and the internet.

Julio’s impressive influence in his home country of Brazil is exclusively dependent on the internet.  He currently publishes on a Google website.  One of our projects is to help him move to a more censorship resistant platform.  As you know the large American internet powerhouses like Google and Facebook are now practicing active censorship of Christian content.  This censorship has even included the deletion of content.  Can you imagine losing years of work with the flip of a switch?

My son Jared has created a platform that removes this threat and provides peace of mind to Christian creators online.

Julio has already been banned from Paypal as a result of hate filled attacks by homosexuals.

To help us fulfill God’s call to help Julio and dozens of loving warriors for Jesus Christ please click here.


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