At one hour and three minutes into the vid conversation below the host — Sneako says, “You have to seek out those individuals even if they get banned.”

This became an important principle for me way back in 2004 when I was banned by the Maine Legislature.  They ejected me from Maine politics for pointing out that State House occupants needed to confess their sexual orientation publicly if they were going to force all the citizens of Maine to live under sexual orientation laws.

For the past twenty years I have taken whatever time was required to learn about, and listen to, voices on the internet who were being actively censored.  I’ve given so much time to this task that I constantly must remind myself of the fact that I’m no longer really tuned into the narrative of the censoring institutions.  I allow that good reasons for what they are doing MAY be buried in what they are doing.

As each day passes it becomes harder for me to believe that.  The idea of profound moral evil has been often in my mind since 2004.  Especially when I ponder the actions of Western nations and my own beloved home state of Maine.  Only evil people and institutions encourage children to change their gender like they change socks.  Porn should be illegal.  Instead it is the most popular version of free speech.  There is only one minority or group that gets absolute protection from every institutional force globally — Jews.  Jews support all things “gay.”  Abortion is a sacrament for them.  The leader of PornHub is a Jewish Rabbi.

One of the world’s most censorship resistant internet platforms is Telegram.  I learned yesterday that Google and Apple will ban an App because of the speech/ideas of just one account holder out of the millions who use an App/Platform.  The offending Telegram user is named Lucas Gage.  He is a U.S. Marine.  He served in war honorably and he has an interesting story to tell.  I’ve enjoyed learning about this man.

He received a three month suspension from X about a month ago.  Nearly every third party platform that he joins is deleting him.

His latest Telegram post, “JEWS RUINED X; EVERYONE KNOWS THIS, AND THERE IS NO REFUTING IT.”  I’m thinking he knows Elon Musk isn’t going to allow him back.  We will see in a couple months.

I’ve had it with American Big Tech.  I nuked Windows off my computer a few weeks ago.  I’m withdrawing from the one Google account I’ve had since the company started.  I’m encouraging everyone I know to dump Fakebook.  I now use a degoogled privacy phone.

The only institution I trust less than American corporations is my Federal and State government.  So the FBI doesn’t have to waste more resources visiting me again to ask if I am plotting violence against these entities allow me to assert what I have always lived by example — politics is upstream from war/violence.  I am, and have always been, a political activist.  I am not a soldier.

I do not want war.  I want my nation to stop waging irrational and unaffordable war continuously all over the world.

Is there anything more bloody and violent than ripping a human baby limb from limb in her mother’s womb?  While I pray and work through politics to secure a reasonable world for my grandchildren the most wealthy and powerful forces that have ever been tolerated by humanity continue down their violent nation, culture, religion and peace wrecking path.  And they do so shouting that I’m the threat to humanity because of the melanin level in my skin, and the truly tolerant God who hears my prayers.




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