I need to raise ten thousand dollars to jump start a paid student internship.  This Christian home educated student will begin their internship after graduation from high school.  The internship lasts one year.  The intern will work every weekday full time in Brunswick, Maine at the international headquarters of Althatech.  Their focus will be on learning to produce livestreams on the internet; host, build and maintain websites; and build/maintain a computer server.  At the end of the year long internship Althatech and the intern may negotiate a permanent position with the company.

The intern will receive financial compensation on a per project basis.

I got this idea from Tom Woods.  When I get time I’ll find the specific podcast where he talks about skipping college and going right in to the work force.  He doesn’t promote this message without thought and in a superficial way.  Tom is a graduate of Harvard, I think it is.  He walked away from tenure and has made his living as an internet entrepreneur.  He’s an interesting and entertaining libertarian source online.  Check him out.



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