I started my political career after completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy and Religion.  I came into politics loving the ideas of every person and institution.  I was curious, and respectful.  I was young.

I was just starting my fourth decade on earth when I became leader of Maine’s most political religious institution — the Christian Civic League of Maine.  I served there for two decades.  During those years the institution decided to reasonably, and from a Christian perspective, object to the sexual revolution.  We specifically decided to use a populist strategy to resist so-called gay rights.  We prevailed in multiple contests that played out in elections held outside the Legislature.  We used the referendum because we knew we would get nowhere lobbying under the dome of the statehouse.  Our group didn’t have enough power or money to be competitive in the tightly controlled culture of Maine’s Legislature.

We thought we had a better chance arguing in favor of sexual morality by going directly to the people of Maine.

I was forced into a resignation in 2009 by powers within Protestantism aligned with Jewish interests.  I didn’t know this at the time.  I have since learned that this was the case then.  It is more-so the case now.  After my resignation the Christian Civic League of Maine was fully tamed by Jewish interests operating through the Republican Party and the media.

My soul was weakened just over midway through my two decades of service at the League.  I never fully recovered emotionally from the frontal assault launched on me in 2004 as leader of the League by the Media and Statehouse.  In this weakened emotional state I developed my “Faggots are Maggots” narrative at about the time the Jews launched their disease-based fear campaign on global humanity in 2020.  I descended to Donald Trump’s simplistic bombast narrative believing it would help waken good people to the existential threat.  All it did was further distance me from the political base I had been honored to represent while serving at the League.

Rightfully so.

Homosexuals — faggots as they call themselves and as I decided to describe them — are not the maggots who are voraciously feeding on the rotten flesh of material-addicted humanity cut off from transcendent reality.  Sodomites are every bit the victims that all of us are becoming as utopians of all stripes continue to consolidate their power over global humanity.

There is no better example of this toxic utopianism in history than the revolutionary group that put their Messiah on a wooden cross and crucified Him two thousand years ago.  Their hatred of Jesus Christ has gotten them ejected from dozens of countries since then.

Jesus Christ is reason in the flesh.  That’s the insight that the gospel writer John offered in the sentence opening his famous gospel in the Bible.  The theological and philosophical work carried out in the West since then is unique on planet earth.  And the principles uncovered during that time are asserting themselves once again.

Watch this video to further tease out the points I’m making in your own mind.


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