Maine people don’t care about the children of Maine.  Christians are to blame.  We don’t care.  If we did we would do something to make this stop.

This is what Jesus said about innocent and impressionable children, “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

I can’t think of anything more offensive and dangerous to impressionable young minds than what this headline in last week’s Lewiston Sun Journal says, “Drag Queen Story Hour coming to Lewiston.

This is what I wrote originally, “Christians have no excuse before God if they don’t demand that this ‘event’ be cancelled.  Now.”  I’m tempering that a bit.  I read the whole story a second time.  I discovered the “story hour” isn’t taking place in a public library.  It’s being held in what looks like a private bookstore.

The article by Lindsay Tice is a good example of propaganda and cultural marxism.  She sandwiches a couple benign Facebook comments critical of the event in between glowing praise for this evil.

The article makes it appear that everyone is just fine with this going on in their community.

I said thirty years ago that the homosexual movement was about the children.  I believed then, and we all know now, that they want our children to accept queerdom.  My friend David Arthur probably would have something to say that would spice up Linday’s article.  He lived thirty years as a woman.  AIDS nearly stopped him dead in his tracks ten years ago.  He’s easy to find.  He has ties to Maine.  Why don’t reporters like Lindsay Tice interview David so that the truth can be told?

Or how about Paul Madore.  He’s a 69 year old grandfather of 35 and father to 9 LEWISTON children with a very public history of objecting to this sort of nonsense.  Why isn’t he quoted in the story.  I wonder if Lindsay Tice called any local Christian priests or pastors?  I wonder what they would say about this.  I’m afraid to ask, frankly.  The Southern Baptist Church is playing footsie with this nonsense for goodness sakes.  They think that if they make peace with the LGBTQ-P (pedophile) movement their children and grandchildren that have abandoned their doctrine will return to help them pay for their megachurch parking lot loans.

God is not going to continue ignoring this.  And the Bible is packed with accounts of what happens when He runs out of patience.

If this weren’t in some hole-in-the-wall bookstore that I’ve never heard of I’d be tempted to dig out my “America’s Future” sign and go stand on the sidewalk outside praying while the demons enter into the little children.


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