I got triggered just now by this GAB post.

I invested my political life in arguing against “sexual orientation” laws.  A couple decades ago I adjusted my narrative to employ the word “sodomy” in place of “sexual orientation.”  It is time for another adjustment.  Probably past time.

If you aren’t actively fighting that agenda you might as well face it.  You, my enemy, are a pedophile.

Our children and grandchildren have drained out of our churches, and all of our institutions.  They are starting to create their own online.  They are fleeing our willful embrace of cowardice. Children can smell a pedo miles away.

It is time for a rebranding.  We aren’t boomers.  We are the Pedo Generation.  And that is how history will remember us.

We hate our children so much that we proudly waste their inheritance on gated communities in Florida designed to discourage their visits.  Living behind those fake gates makes us feel so safe.  Disgusting.  The biggest gated community in the world near Ocala also boasts the largest concentration of sexual reprobates.  Seniors sleeping around is more ubiquitous than those silly golf carts.

As my favorite online film critic says closing his videos.

“That’s all I’ve got for today.  Go away now.”


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