Why don’t you have a clue?

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t waste time wondering if I’m the only one that sees what’s going on.  My sense of what is going on around me continues to separate from what I perceive the majority believes.  Truth be told this has been going on inside me my whole life.  The process accelerated as I matured.  I know it has something to do with the internet.

I started my political career arguing that society-wide approval of “sexual orientation” ideology would doom the idea of marriage in Maine.  The powers that be at the time called me a liar.  They screamed they had no interest in marriage … or children.  Alas.

Google’s recent adventure in artificial intelligence called Gemini let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.  Learn all about it in the video below.

I spent the day yesterday praying with a deep sense of foreboding about Maine and the West.  Everyone I know with the power to do something effective about our situation remains stuck in politics.  America has settled into the nation defined by the founding documents.  The King of the Universe isn’t named.  A passing reference to a “creator” appears in the original war declaration of independence.  We’re independent alright.

This video points out that America has been at peace for a very short number of days since we declared that independence.

Our very first amendment to those founding documents declared that religion would be forever divided while government would be forever united under an oligarchy headed by a monarch called a president.  After a couple centuries religion’s place in reality is occupied by superstition.  How dare anyone imagine that there could be a God in three persons who created a universe infused with free will guided by right reason, good morals and fear of an eternal judgment.  The West used to think of that as truth.

Now it barely qualifies as a minor superstition.

The only thing powerful enough to stop what is happening is a unified institution with the power to arrest the passions of the global oligarchy.  Is that institution the United Nations?  The World Economic Forum?  The European Union?  I doubt it.

I do know that my puny America-defined sense of independence isn’t likely the solution.  It’s going to take more than me, the Bible and my pastor to get to the other side of this one.

I derive hope from thinking into philosophy and metaphysics.  May it be true that Logos is indeed rising.  May it be true that there is such a thing as transcendent values named Truth, Goodness and Beauty.  May our cultural zeitgeist soon be stripped of her handsome mask.  May we all awaken from our materialist-induced coma to love once again.

The truth is great.  It will prevail.


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