Stew Peters is on fire.

He’s going way beyond my historic offensive rant headlined by the words “maggots” and “faggots.”  He’s saying that these degenerates deserve to be killed by the State.  I’m with him one hundred percent.  America must return to the days of capital punishment — especially for these crimes against the most innocent among us.

Ain’t going to happen in Maine anytime soon.  Our “men” are too busy excusing their failure to keep it in their pants by supporting the murder in the womb of the fruit of their sexual sinning.  The so called “Christian” Civic League of Maine is the leader of this crusade.  They don’t support baby murder.  But they do support access to pornography in the name of free speech.   Easy access to porn is what’s fueling this Maine genocide.

If I’m wrong ask yourself why there isn’t even one League legislator sponsoring this pedo killing bill for Maine.  The reason is that they’re all looking at porn on their smart phones.

The Maine State House is a brothel.  It is the most evil and degenerate space in the entire state.


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