I did this LIVEstream yesterday.  The Judiciary Committee of the Maine Legislature decided to kill the bill, LD 1735, before having a floor debate.

This can mean only one thing in terms of electoral politics.  The Dems are nervous about November’s election.  Their communism is showing.  And Mainers don’t like communism.

Bellows is belly-aching her way through the nightmare she created for herself by deleting Trump from the Maine primary ballot.  The baby murderers are hinting that they want to put abortion on the ballot this fall instead of pass it.  Now it may be that a constitutional amendment must be approved by a vote of the people.  I don’t know.  And it doesn’t matter.

My prediction is that they will kill that idea along with the gender mutilation proposal that just went down in flames yesterday.  They want to draw their communist friends to the ballot, not the good people of Maine.

I like how 2024 is starting.

How about you?


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