Andrew Torba wrote in an insightful recent blog post entitled Conservative Inc and The Deal With The Daily Wire DevilIt’s not about money, it’s about controlling the narrative.”

The money controls the narrative, unless you’ve got guts.  I took the lazy thinkers way out most of my life and lied to myself saying there are certain ideas you choose not to think about if you are a good person who needs to pay the bills.  This helped justify my place in the world, at least inside my own head.

Truth and facts, along with the First Amendment, be damned.

I thought of myself as a defender of the First Amendment, but I didn’t live up to the principle in my own work.  The pressure of being responsible for a payroll and family always drove me away from consideration of certain topics, specific groups and ideas.

The one group I was allowed to consider and critique were the so called “gays.”  That changed over the course of twenty years speaking publicly for evanjellyfish christianity in Maine.  That group made it’s peace with the LGBTQ+ movement as the new millennium got rolling.

The softening started at the top, at the national level.  This filtered down through the rank of pastors, and eventually came to dominate the pews as well.  Christianity turned it’s back on plain truths that appear in nature, the Bible and Hebrew — as well as Christian — history.

My need for money made me a coward, I’m ashamed to say.  But as Torba so rightly points out, “It’s about controlling the narrative.”  Money is merely the weapon that this evil is using to manipulate anyone who chooses to be influenced by it.

And which group has a history of being money obsessed in the West?  The group you simply are not allowed to criticize in any way, shape or form.

The Jews.

Additionally, while leading the League I allowed myself to be controlled by an ignorant fear of Masonry, which has a storied history of collaboration with Jews in the West.  The League’s most prominent donor during my entire tenure was high up in that group.  We became friends, I think.  He has distanced himself since I started thinking out loud about these subjects.  I was also forced into association with Masonry’s presence in churches around Maine during those two decades.

Jesus Christ is saving me from all of that — from the narrative that is manipulated by money.

I used to think that I am saved, but I’ve learned that it isn’t real helpful to live that way.  It has helped to realize that I am being saved in this fallen world as I continue to press harder and harder into my relationship with God the Father, through His Son Jesus Christ, with the help of His Holy Spirit.

I write and think this way now for my grandchildren.  I do it for the future.

It is beyond obvious that America’s revolutionary global passions are endangering the entire planet.  Ukraine is a gay disco.  We have manipulated NATO, and especially Germany, into a place where a nuclear holocaust is now seriously discussed in America’s cities.  We have detailed plans to roll the tanks into Russia for the purpose of dismantling that ancient civilization.  Why?  To make the world safe for democracy, which is code in THE NARRATIVE for “sexual freedom.”

What can I do to bring this clown world to a non violent end?  What can you do?  What can any of us do as we shake off the psy op that has controlled us since before we were born?

We can keep working.  We can more frequently turn off the weapons of their warfare against us — digital technology.  And when we use a screen we can choose to be more deliberate and focused in our use of it than ever before in our lives.

The absolute worst thing we can do is comply in any way with THE NARRATIVE.

Any form of agreement will doom your grandchildren.






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