A few months ago I paid money to subscribe to centralmaine.com. I decided recently not to resubscribe.  This isn’t the first time I’ve done this.

It isn’t worth it.  Is it because they don’t publish anything worth money?  No.  It is because they publish information that isn’t worth the subscription price.

I expected investigative journalism digging behind the scenes of what is obvious.  Every story that I read included obvious content, nothing that represented digging for the truth.  For example.  A man was shot by police in my local town.  Nothing they printed about the shooting helped me understand what happened.  What they published might as well have been published as press releases from the local police department.

I could play games with their marketing department, and get a reduced subscription price.  I probably won’t do that.  Why.  Because the annoyance isn’t worth it.  That is how worthless local news has become because of the flaccid content they produce.


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