I just decided to finally pull the plug on my campaign for Governor of Maine.  It has been an on and off enterprise since January of 2021.

I was in North Carolina as last year got started.  We’d all just survived the insane first year of the covid hoax.  In my sixtieth year (2021) I felt a duty to do all in my power to shine the light of truth, and the Gospel, into the descending dark cloud of Father hating global communism threatening everything I love. 

I knew that whatever “power” I had was back home in Maine.  Since I’d been a political and Christian executive for twenty years in the Pine Tree State I thought I should attempt something at the state level.  I moved home and threw my hat in the ring for the Republican nomination for Governor.  The election wasn’t scheduled until June 2022.

I’m not going to rehearse all the ups and downs of the past year in this column.  Suffice it to say that it is abundantly clear to me now that the Republicans want to have nothing to do with a Heath for Governor Campaign.  If you want to read all about it then visit the Campaign website.

Additionally, given the tepid response to all that I’ve done as a candidate for Governor over the past twelve months I’ve determined that it isn’t prudent to continue the campaign.  I will continue to fight for Christian and constitutional principles inside, and outside, the Church.  I am going to do so unapologetically as the Christian leader of Helping Hands Ministries.  I look forward to participating publicly, as I always have done, as a firm advocate for Christian principles — especially at points where the commonweal … the general welfare … is perverted by sexual sin.

I learned that the political ideology of libertarianism has a strong hold on what could be a winning coalition of common sense Mainers.  I am not libertarian.  I don’t smoke pot and don’t equate liberty with sexual license.  Shoot, even Christianity is moving toward the libertarian view on sex, drugs and rock and roll. 

I won’t go there because I am Christian.  I look for beauty in all things.  I don’t see much beauty in pot smoking, sexual sin and loud rambunctious music.  Because of the deranged propaganda of my youth I once thought I could find transcendent ordered beauty in these things.

Jesus Christ enlightened me.  These things lean hard into ugliness and chaos.  Engaging in the mental and spiritual gymnastics required to think of these things as beautiful has wrung me out.  I’m parched and thirsting for Living water.  True worship of Jesus Christ is the source of this refreshment.

This is not to say that I will not make common cause with libertarians, or any Maine citizen of good will.  I am eager to salvage what is left of our representative and constitutional form of government.  This, for me, can only start with a sincere and open hearted respect for the moral imperatives of the Bible and Christianity.

We would all make a good start by finally opening that Bible app, and turning away from the wholesale rejection of Christianity.

Contrary to popular opinion Jesus Christ is not a swear word.

Jesus is the God of Western Civilization.  To be more precise He is God the Father’s Son.  He is Mary’s son.  A sincere interest in the Holy Family and the loving relationship intrinsic to the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit would also go a long way toward healing our representative form of government. 

Our principles of political and religious free speech are the unique creation of two centuries of development in these United States of America.  These PRINCIPLES are worth dying for, unlike defending the border of Ukraine from the world’s most interesting western Christian nation, Russia.

It is long past time to stop making the world safe for pedophiles, transgenders and gay discos.



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