It is the peculiar quality of a fool to perceive the faults of others and to forget his own. — Cicero

Weaponized Blaming

The Left has weaponized the blame game.  They’ve used their substantial power gained through manipulation of markets, emotions, media … you name the discipline — they’ve made themselves into masters of the manipulation game.  They’ve become so good at it that they can no longer even begin to perceive their souls.  They are hollow men.  They are fools.  They are Gollum.

Gollum is the pathetic creature in Tolkien’s masterpiece “Lord of the Rings.”  Gollum lived for five hundred years as possessor of the ring of power.  This ring has three attributes; invisibility, immortality and coercion.  When a person slips it on their finger they become invisible to everyone except Sauron, the evil transcendent power plotting the destruction of Middle Earth.  Possessing the ring also means that you don’t die.  But the most diabolical and potent power of the ring is it’s ability to coerce the will … to employ force in the task of overcoming a person’s free will.

Sound familiar?  It should.  The Left has put the Ring of Power on, and they are refusing to take it off.  It has coerced them into choosing the path of a fool.  What is that Ring of Power today?  It is the Internet.  That’s the ring because new technologies always tempt fashionable and creative people first.  The hobbits are the most resistant because they are the least foolish.  They enjoy food, fellowship and gardening.  They live close to God’s green earth — His creation — local things … reality.  They are not so easily drawn into the latest fad or fashion like men, dwarves and trolls — especially the men in Middle Earth.

Once the will has been coerced by an outside force the person loses the ability to perceive … to know … their own faults.  All they can see is their own brilliance, strength and beauty.  They no longer grasp reality.  They cannot know it.  They become fools.

We are watching the institutional level of politics and religion in the West choose this path for themselves.  The right … the so-called conservatives … have initiated their final maneuver in an attempt to hold onto the Ring of Power and gain for themselves invisibility and immortality.  Our institutions are now about one thing, and one thing only — coercion.  They’ve chosen possession over liberty of the soul.

Ironically it appears the one thing standing in their way isn’t the American constitution, as effective a document as that has proven to be.  The one thing standing in the way are the hobbits of the planet.  The “simple” people who are mastering the Internet and refusing to give in to the coercion.

I would like nothing more than to get to know my Muslim, Jewish, Black and Asian neighbors by sharing with them on the internet and travelling, if I can afford it, to visit their homes.  When I’m done visiting I’ll cherish the return to my Christian home called the United States of America.

I’m not foolish enough to think that American democracy is the only form of government that can work in a nation.  I’ll never support the ridiculous notion that any nation exists to make the world safe for monarchy, dictatorships, socialism, communism or democracy.  And I’ll never support the idea that any religion is granted the divine right to coerce their neighbors.  This may fit well with some facets of Islam, but it is not Christian.  Jesus Christ is the antithesis of coercion.  He respects the individuals will so much that he allows them to choose eternal damnation.

You don’t think God has the power to save everyone?  Of course he does.  If a person wants to love themselves so much that they lose touch with reality then God grants them a home.  It is called hell.

And the Left — now joined by the political and religious right — in the West is rushing to create their materialistic hell on earth.  They refuse to learn the lesson of Russia.  This eastern European powerhouse of a nation already went down this God-hating, science worshiping, materialistic path.  It produced the blood soaked manure of communism, from which God is drawing forth the modern nation state of Russia.  The accomplished Christian philosopher Fulton Sheen predicted in the 1950s that Russia would become Apostle to the World.

What an exciting time to be alive.  We are witness to the final collapse of the materialist West.  The manure we’re making will nourish a resurrection of life.  From the seeds of truth we plant will grow something good, true and beautiful.  This will happen in God’s time.  He controls time.  Our riches, smarts, exorbitant interest on debt and maneuvering don’t.



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