Virtue has a veil, vice a mask. — Victor Hugo


I pray this doesn’t sound melodramatic.  Please read to the end before you decide.

Tomorrow is my 59th birthday.  I find I must make a decision that could cost me my freedom, and perhaps my life.  I will make it before tomorrow.  I will be public about it.  God is asking me to draw a line in the sand with the muzzles.  It is simple.  God is asking me to decide to simply never put one on.  I’m not a surgeon or health care worker.  Science has not provided sufficient evidence to prove that it is healthy for everyone in the population to wear them.  Something of fundamental importance is signified by the mask.  I am desperate to get it right for posterity.

The muzzle is simply the latest token or symbol that the governments of the world are using to assert their dictatorial, “science”-based and anti-God power over humanity.  It is the most ubiquitous and obvious one that they have decided to employ up to now.  Nobody believes that they are going to stop with the veil.  The Left wing of global politics has decided to go all in this year.  They know they will lose an unpredictable amount of power if the American presidency is allowed to remain in the hands of Donald Trump for another four years.  Even if the American rightish wing of politics manages to remain in power it is far from certain that meaningful historic American traditions will survive.

Victor Hugo observed that virtue has a veil.  Our current muzzle is the ultimate virtue signaling symbol.  Unlike a real mask that presents a different face to the world atop our own God-given face the veil only partially obscures our most visible human feature.  This particular veil hides the organ God created to enable speech, or reason.  At the same time commie Big Tech is tossing certain viewpoints off the internet “science” is forcing a “virtuous” veil over our mouth.  And Christianity is powerless to defend itself, or his neighbor.

In a situation not at all dissimilar to the conditions that all saints, prophets and apostles have faced down through time I have arrived at my tipping point.  The internet has presented me over the years with access to facts about what is going on that must not be ignored.  To do so would merely deepen the hypocrisy that was required of me to maintain my family and material existence up to now.  I must decide whether I can continue playing along.  Fortunately the only person directly affected by my decision is my dear wife, Paulie.  If I am fined beyond my ability to pay, or jailed, her sustenance and protection will have to come from someone else.

The crisis that brings me to this decision point includes countless difficulties this year, accompanied by outright persecution.  I think I’ve approached the point where my only realistic path forward is to become a law breaker.  I had to ignore edicts from the government in order to care for my mother earlier this year.  As I now contend with ongoing issues related to the death of my father in February I find the situation has become completely impossible.  It appears that travelling legally is now so fraught with unknowns related to quarantines etc. that it is not advisable.  But I must travel in order to honor my mother and properly transition her — and the tokens of a life well lived and a marriage that lasted sixty years — from Florida to Maine.

Accompanying my decision is whether to continue down the firearm rabbit hole.  I’m not a hunter.  I have guns that I purchased, or was given, for the purpose of defending the good, the true and the beautiful.  From the beginning I have been bewildered by the legalities that accompany firearm ownership.  The justification for the muzzle is health “science.”  The justification for all the rules, expectations and laws related to firearms is baseless fear.  Regardless, I’m leaning toward replacing the pistol in my pocket with prayer beads.  When the inevitable conflict comes I want my response to be unavoidably Christian.  I’m not sure the pistol would do much good in my unskilled hands anyway.

If I decide never to wear the muzzle then I may be deciding to starve, or deny myself access to essential goods and services that sustain life.  That is appropriate.  The new normal that is signified by our wearing the ubiquitous muzzle includes us submitting to a technocratic surveillance state that my Christian principles forbid.  It also signals humanity’s decision to view our bodies as fundamentally dirty.  All of us have become biohazards to the rest of humanity.  We’re being propagandized to believe that without technology’s eternal surveillance accompanied by big pharma preemptive needle pricks there will be no future. 

That world is not human, or normal, at all.  The only thing new about it is the technology.  Absolute power concentrated in the hands of a few … or even better THE ONE … is as old as religion.  History is a ratchet between good and evil.  Evil is clearly gaining power at the moment.  Nobody knows the future except for God.  And He is going someplace good.  But a few eggs get cracked along the way, as they say.

I’m nobody.  But to a few people, and my family, I’m a known quantity.  I’m an unrelenting and ferocious American patriotic Christian crusader against sodomy.  That is now costing me more than I can share publicly.  But it is as it should be in payment for my sins, which are many.

Suffering is a cleanser.  It reminds us of God’s preeminent virtue — self sacrifice.  Our sins make us worthy of death and suffering.  It is only because of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection that we get to live eternally in heaven with Him, instead of with ourselves in torment forever in hell.

Some people think a Left wing victory in this conflict means communism.  I think that communism/marxism is dead and buried along with the Soviet Union.  It is on life support in China and North Korea.  I don’t see U.S. going communist.  I suppose our future could be much better, or much worse, than communism.  I’ll continue praying and working for the much better option.  Only God knows.

Shoot.  Why wait until tomorrow?

I’m done with the muzzle.  I’m not going to put it on.  I’m not going to pay any fines, and I’m not going to become violent over it.  If violence, or death, visits me because of my decision then so be it.



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