Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. — Aldous Huxley


As the global oligarchs distract our attention with their latest shiny thing — Ukraine — I am befuddled by the willful ignorance of good people — people who should know better.  After two solid years of lies about a threat to the health of every single person on planet earth many of my friends remain ignorant of simple facts.

Turning Point USA, and the group’s leader, are pro sodomy.  Just like Donald Trump, who has no problem with the sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance, Charlie Kirk is eager to defend the LGBTQ agenda.  As you can see for yourself in the above embedded video — Kirk is easily triggered by the truth.  The popular Republican youth group leader is all in with defending men and women who choose to have sex outside of marriage with other adults of the same gender.

This issue is not going away.  It is a major factor in the run up to World War III.  It is, in fact, mentioned more often than the other major social issue of our time — abortion.  Why?

My whole adult professional political life was wasted discussing sodomy as if it were just another benign sexual orientation.  Everybody knew it wasn’t.  We pretended it would go away if we just created laws that “protected people from discrimination.”  That was all a pretense.  The real goal was always to destroy the sexual moral consensus in Western Civilization.

Now that this goal is accomplished in America and Europe the objective is obviously to use the military force that is available to NATO to force this “democratic consensus” on the rest of humanity.  Russia says No.  China is  yawning.  The rest of the world is willing to go along, depending on the price in dollars that the American empire is willing to pay for their compliance.

And since the Fed is empowered to print money to infinity it seems the whole world is going to embrace homosexuality.  Lovely.

I wish I could say that I see powerful political, education and religious forces coming to grips realistically with what threatens us.  But I don’t.

God’s judgment — His justice — is all we have left.

Come Lord Jesus. 





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