Religious liberty might be supposed to mean that everybody is free to discuss religion.  In practice it means that hardly anybody is allowed to mention it. — GK Chesterton


Thinking into Social Isolation


In this clip Steve Franssen upbraids people for “thinking themselves into social isolation.”  This is a supremely important, and timely, warning for American Christians.  It is necessary because nobody talks openly about the most important reality for each and every human — religion.

Some Christians believe that they are not religious.  They brag about being against religion so that they can have a “personal relationship with Jesus.”  This obsession with developing an emotional attachment to God by way of reading the Bible has retarded the West’s capacity for meaningful discourse about — especially disagreement over — religion.

Ironically, the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is supposed to protect the right of American citizens to speak freely about religion.  The original idea was to restrain Federal power over religion, and reserve to the states the duty to sort out religious questions.  This led to states officially recognizing various religious sects.  For example, Maryland was Roman Catholic and Connecticut was Congregational.

In the video featured above Franssen is discussing Twitter, Elon Musk, Gab and Owen Benjamin.  He laments the fact that he sees so many people online thinking themselves into smaller and smaller corners of the internet … into social isolation.  Some of this is not the fault of individuals.  The psychological warfare operation that the internet has become is contributing to the problem.  The managers of digital communications in the West are monetizing the isolation while the politicians, banks and hidden global rich are using it to consolidate more power for the roll out of their communist Great Reset and New World Order.

I loved the point Franssen makes about joining Owen Benjamin in the path of least resistance.  As the power of platforms continues to shift in coming months and years it is tempting to isolate socially.  We must not do that.  Now is probably the most important time in history to use the American Big Tech platforms for opinionating and fact sharing.  We’ve gotten the world into this incredibly dangerous situation by sitting back and letting guys like Elon fix it.  As Jordan Peterson says all the time it is up to you.  Fixing this problem is the responsibility of each and every one of us.

Stop using the internet to maintain relationships based on economics.

Speak truth.

All the time.

No matter the cost.


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