The rational principle that governs and develops the universe — English dictionary definition of the greek word, Logos.

 Humanizing “Social” Media

I’ve always believed that Facebook is the most anti-social machine ever invented by man.  I didn’t anticipate that all American big tech corporations would become equally toxic and dangerous.  But that is now the case.

I fear there is only one thing that can be done now.  These corporations must be destroyed.  They must be dismantled, along with all the world’s Central Banks.

This is unlikely. 

Maybe there is another way.

I recently watched a video that discussed a way forward.  It’s called being polite, choosing to respect enemies on the internet — especially on social media platforms. 

The video featured a conversation between a British doctor named John Campbell and a guest.  I’m surprised YouTube continues to publish Dr. Campbell’s channel.  Knowing why Campbell is allowed while other open minded and sincere scientists are censored is above my pay grade.  But maybe it’s because his open, erudite and polite style keeps him beneath the Artificial Intelligence radar.

I must admit feeling a tinge of personal responsibility for the magnification of this inhuman coarseness as I listen to the back and forth in the video.

I published a series of blog posts as the globalist covid takedown of humanity was launched in early 2020.  They played off the rhyming words “faggot” and “maggot.”  You can read all of them by searching in this blog on those two words.

Also, when I ran for Governor of Maine in 2021 I used a lot of “colorful” rhetoric to refer to my Democrat opponent, the incumbent Janet Mills.  Didn’t work.  Probably shouldn’t have.

For years I’ve attempted to justify this political polemic in a number of different ways.  All ultimately proved unsatisfactory to me as reasons that comport with reason itself, or Logos.

I shouldn’t have written and spoken this way.  I’m not going to unpublish it.  It was “truth” in my mind at the time.  I convinced myself it was politically necessary and effective.  That didn’t prove to be the case for me. 

I did not intend to insult any individual persons.  The fact that sinners were offended isn’t my problem, I thought.

The fact, however, that it served to cheapen the importance and meaning of an honest exchange of opinion is my problem.  And I am asking God for guidance on how to write in the future.

I’ve never been a satirist or comedian.  Probably best for me not to attempt to wield that narrative weapon.  Nor am I Donald Trump with his personal insults and unique political style.

It’s always a mistake to try to be someone, or something, you aren’t.

I think personal pride plays a part in all of this for me.  It never was me who did anything to slow down the “gay” juggernaught in Maine back twenty, thirty and forty years ago.

That was all God — much more than I was willing to see at the time.

Alas and amen.



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