Casting himself as the last sane person a writer on Substack published a detailed commentary about January 6th today.  Having cast the January 6th political rally as no different than the BLM riots Erick Erickson’s Show Notes opines, “We’re at the ‘ends justify the means’ point of Western civilization’s collapse.”

Erickson condemns J6’s “braying bison-helmeted jackass” Jacob Chansley who’s fifteen minutes of politically theatrical fame magically morphed into a four year prison term.

While Erickson makes some good points about the media and partisanship I’m having a hard time accepting his observation that January 6th is equal in horror to burning cities and tearing down statues.

I left the White House area after Trump’s speech frustrated by what I heard and experienced that morning.  I didn’t walk to the capitol.  Many of the more than hundred people I was with did follow Trump’s advice to proceed down Constitution Avenue, my son included.

I have no regrets about leaving, though the drama at the other end of the constitution’s street has indeed fired the world’s imagination.  It would have been interesting to witness it, as my friends did.  The revolution’s constitutionally defined principles continue to simmer and boil.  The American empire’s raging revolution to force democracy now denies the entire world a lasting peace.

Erickson’s thesis about reaching the point of civilizational collapse is sound.  We’ve devolved by granting the constitution the character of a holy book.  It is merely a declaration of political principles.  America’s liturgy that celebrates lust addicted liberty has hollowed out the country.  We’ve made ourselves into a nation with no soul — no religion.  This weaponized ideology is now being forced down the world’s throat.  What we failed to do in Iran and Afghanistan we are attempting in Ukraine.  We have descended to a level of hell on earth in our own minds that includes believing that razing Russia is morally justified.

Additionally, I’m leaning toward agreement with Ron Unz’s theory of covid 19’s origin.  Ron’s theory is consistent with my political experience.  The forces at work in our national elite culture are beyond non-sensical and “end justifies the means” pragmatic.  The satanic forces clearly visible now everywhere you look are evil.  Drag queen story hour anyone?

We lack the moral imagination to reason rightly.  We’ve murdered God.  An accurate understanding of, and appreciation for, the West cannot be discovered if “reason” requires the continuous crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  There’s already a group that rejected him two thousand years ago.  It’s ironic that they are the only group in the West that enjoys the privilege of floating in a dimension above criticism.  Shoot, they even have the power to bankrupt the world’s most popular black rapper, and force all of America’s corporations to fund their talmudic chaos.

Have no worries though.  They are leading the entire world to what they call “Tikkun Olam” or world peace.  Trust the Rabbi.  He has your best interests at heart.  To get there we just need to turn God’s name into a swear word.

Jesus … Christ.


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