An annoying or inconsiderate person.  A shrewish woman. — Dictionary definition of the word “faggot”

The F Word

It’s getting curioser and curioser out there.  When the so called “gay rights” fight came to my door (I didn’t go looking for this fight) way back in the late 1980s it was verboten to speak the word “sodomy” in decent company.  It’s still a bit uncomfortable, but it seems to me that things have relaxed slightly in recent decades with respect to the use of that word to describe what is being done to U.S.  The Christian West is being sodomized.  There’s really no better word to describe it.  Bend over whitey, and take it from behind.  You rarely get to meet your accuser.  It’s always a shot in the back, or a fist in the face, that you didn’t see coming.  It’s never a fair fight.  Never.

Back when all this started I was allowed to debate using the word “sexual orientation.”  I was so cocky (pun intended) when I started fighting publicly that I persuaded a Christian board of directors not to use the word “sodomy” in the debate.  I argued for the use of the Leftist nuanced term of art “sexual orienation.”  The group of protestant ministers and laymen allowed me, grudgingly, to argue against “sexual orientation” laws through the 1990s.  We won a few battles.  We lost the war.

Earlier this year I took up the word “faggot” in a column where I promised a “Faggots are Maggots World Tour.”  As I’ve said in previous COLUMNS I have no regrets even though it has cost me dearly with the Feds.  FedEx disqualified me from wearing their logo anywhere in the world for the rest of my life.  And the FEDeral Bureau of Investigation stopped by for a visit a couple weeks ago.  They wanted to know if I was planning violence against any person or corporation.  Both actions were provoked by one anonymous complaint.  Ever since the FBI visit my wife has had difficulty falling asleep at night.  She wonders if this will be the night we hear the whispered thump of a black helicopter overhead followed by the zip of men in black dropping violently into our once docile middle class existence.

Using the ubiquitous F word makes you an American Saint.  It’s everywhere in Black Lives Matter’s new normal.  Both F words are about sex.  If I were the type to salt every sentence with the more popular F word I dare say I’d still be working at slave wages for FedEx, and the FBI wouldn’t know my name.  Because I’m a Christian who simply won’t bend over politically and take it I’m disqualified from employment in Falwell and Trump’s new normal.  So be it.

You know, don’t you, that it isn’t going to work to keep thinking about sex as if it is something unspeakable.  Maybe you’ve noticed it’s the only thing spoken of now?  For goodness sake the communists are toppling the statues and literally erasing America’s history.  LITERALLY.  The Left isn’t being subtle or nuanced anymore.  Half the nation seems to genuinely believe that we can maintain a civilization with social justice warriors in place of peace officers.  The lesbian headed Black Lives Matter, a movement birthed in greed and lies, collected hundreds of millions of dollars from the corporations that feed, clothe and entertain YOU this year!  The high ground of institutional Christianity in the West is completely controlled now by these forces.  All that’s left of the once great Western religion’s faith is found in small and powerless pockets of laity and clergy dedicated to piety and holiness.

But you know something?  That’s all God has ever wanted.  He cares about faith and reason.  He makes these real in the material and mortal world that we inhabit through men and women who prioritize piety and holiness.  And He has shown U.S. that the only way forward is through the suffering signified by the Cross of Jesus Christ.  God is the ultimate F word — Father.  He’s no shrewish woman.  And He is neither annoying or inconsiderate.  God is Father to all of U.S.  But we must choose His moral law.  We must make Him our Lord.  We must turn our back on all sin, not just the sexual sins.

The United States is at a CROSSroads.  We are choosing … right now … as a society whether we are going to take God the Father’s narrow path to eternal blessing and beauty, or satan’s broad path to looting, burning, chaos and destruction.  From my vantage point it appears we’ve already made the choice.  The recent watered down Christian/Republican infomercial was good, but will it be enough?  I have my doubts.  But I am never without hope because I pray and believe.  Nobody knows the future.

Pray to God YOUR Father today.  He has a plan for your life.  And it is a good one.



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