Each of us makes his own weather, determines the color of the skies in the emotional universe which he inhabits. — Fulton Sheen


The Emotional Universe


My wife, Paulie, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer four weeks ago. The day after Christmas she begins her second course of chemotherapy. This path was prescribed by the Christian surgeon we trust in Guatemala. Two oncologists practicing medicine in two different nations agreed.

It is tempting when confronting something as threatening as cancer, and a year of Chemo, to think that our bodies “make the weather.” This is inaccurate. Our minds decide the color of the skies in our emotional universe. Paulie has a strong faith in Jesus Christ, and a deep love for her family. I was not surprised to see her wrestle through this brutal revelation about her body in the light of divine love and peace. The skies got cloudy. A thunderstorm or two passed overhead. Lightening struck a few times. Then the sun came out and the sky shone blue.

I get angry when I think about the confusion infusion that is being injected into the pulsing veins of Western nations. The Christian heartbeat of the West is becoming faint because of it. The collective “mind” of the West is manipulated by seductive and continuous appeals to the passions — emotion.

The West needs Chemo, and it is receiving it … believe it or not. The English speaking world, needs an especially strong and prolonged dose. Modernism, like cancer, has the ability to become whatever ideology/cell it needs to be to accomplish it’s destructive ends.

Fulton Sheen described communism as manure. He preached that it was the natural result of Western ideas birthed and nurtured during the modern era. Every philosophy that informs communism comes from the West, he said. He predicted in the 1950s that Russia would become “Apostle to the World” because manure is a potent fertilizer. The United States is gagging on cultural, political and religious manure. And it smells a lot like communism.

It hasn’t ripened as much as it did in the old Soviet Union. But the manure spreaders are sure busy putting down a healthy layer of it. Maybe you smelled some of the more recent layers going down.

Christianity Today lambasted Trump. He wasn’t Left leaning enough for their tastes. The founders son, Franklin Graham, wasted no time condemning them absolutely. The Southern Baptist Convention takeover finalized this week as well. It is fitting that this stench should rise at Christmas time. And last, but not least, an official organ of the Vatican announced it is long past time for the Church to approve of sodomy. Phew. You can almost see the cloud of stench, it’s so thick.

The year 2020 begins in a few short days. 20/20 vision is perfect vision. England is leaving the European Union at the end of January. The United States of America will re-elect Donald Trump. Nobody knows the future but God, of course. However, my sense is that next year will do more than any year in my lifetime to lay the foundation for a less globalist and utopian world. Godlessness has fallen on hard times. The lies of science are wearing thin. The stench of global communism, in both it’s exaggerated free market (capitalist) and extreme collectivist (socialism) varieties is finished. None of us can predict what comes next.

I am thankful, however, that it now appears that Christianity is not going to fall victim to this God-hating idiocy. Christians will find their voice in the public arena. They will stand and fight, as they always have, for the permanent things. Virtue is hard wired into the human person. For two thousand years Christianity has nourished those virtues in the West. Christianity is starting to strengthen some weakened muscles. Praise the Lord.

Christianity Today made it a habit to steer clear of politics until now. Trump is a lightening storm. They just got hit. Everybody’s getting hit. What’s happening is beyond emotion. What’s happening to us is pure reason. In the beginning was Reason, and Reason was with God, and Reason was God.

The chicken hearted drag queen storied hours are coming home to roost. The unhinged ideas of the God-hating Left are awakening the world to the danger. The people of the world are uniting against the insanity.

Sheen was right when he observed, “For the new atheism is not like the old, theoretical atheism, which prided itself on being intellectually compounded of a little science, anthropology, and comparative religion. The new atheism is not of the intellect, but of the will; it is an act of free and eager rejection of morality and its demands. It starts with the affirmation of self and the denial of the moral law.”



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