So justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter. — Isaiah 59:14

The Coach Rush

Rush Limbaugh is rich.  He flies wherever he wants in the world in a private plane.  Rich talk show hosts can afford that luxury.  They don’t mix and mingle with the regular folk.  Average Americans, what some call the middle class, must actually live in the world that Rush talks about everyday on his popular radio show.  Rush gets it right more than most.  But it is on his radio-talk-show-host-watch that America weakened to the point where one wonders whether the nation will exist in any sort of recognizable form ten years from now.  What happened?

We’re good talkers.  We’re no good at walking it out.  We’ve been trained from our earliest days to fear the principal’s office, and move to the next class when the bell rings.  Whenever a man stands up, or stands out, we’re conditioned to force conformity.  The result of this conditioning is the transformation we the people are experiencing right now from liberty to slavery.

Coach Dave Daubenmire is solidly middle class.  Born, raised and living in Hebron Ohio the internet talk show host doesn’t even imagine flying in a private plane.  The Coach always flies coach.  But he can’t even do that anymore.  Yesterday American Airlines social scored him chinese communist party style.  After being called to the principal’s office on his flight to his destination he was judged unworthy of transport on a jet plane on his return.  He and his wife had their paid for ticket stolen from them by the airline, and they were forced to rent a car and drive home.  The airline refused to allow them on the plane arguing that the Coach had been mean to the stewardess on the inbound trip.  Coach was told that they might allow him to fly again someday if he groveled before the corporation.

Had Coach been mean to the stewardess?

No.  He merely asserted his convictions, and pledge, regarding wearing a mask.  The tyrannical stewardess brushed aside Coach’s wife’s medical card proving that she shouldn’t wear a mask.  She dismissed it saying the card can be obtained on the internet.  The stewardess referred the matter to the principal (Captain) who visited Coach and his wife in their seat.  Forced by the highest authority on the plane to decide whether to be escorted from the plane, or wear the stinkin’ muzzle, they both submitted under protest.  They bent over and took it, veiling their organ of speech for the next hour or two.  Everyone else on the plane sat muzzled, unable to speak, observing the world through their fearful eyes only.

As he is wont to do Coach turned the radio dial in the rental to Rush’s show as he and Michelle headed east.  They listened to Rush interview an airline captain discussing how unhinged his industry has become as a result of the plannedemic.  Millions of Americans thought “Atta boy Rush!”  Maybe they summoned the courage to click Like on their Facebook page.  But ninety nine percent of his listeners wouldn’t dream of rushing the stewardess.  That would be mean.  And now we know it could cost us the right to even fly on an airplane.

The nation that fashioned a Christian constitutional republic that went on to create the most egalitarian society ever is on the brink of disintegration so that the global rich can erect a higher wall around their pedophilic safe spaces.  And all the leaders of the West, with the exception of Donald Trump (a rich oligarch himself), are going along with it.  Unlike all the nut jobs on the Left he doesn’t prefer sex with other men, or with children.   Like normal men he likes sexually powerful women.  Soy boys don’t know what they want.  And we are all soy boys now.

That’s why a man like Coach stands out so much.  And that’s why so many of us instinctively want to silence him.  Even though we know the mask doesn’t do anything, and the virus has killed almost nobody, we choose not to take the muzzle off and stand with him.  We just continue to slouch toward the next technocratic and biologically insane demand by our communist overlords.

I don’t wear the muzzle.  I’m not taking the vaccine, even if Trump points his military’s gun at me.  I’m done submitting.  I’ll hang with men like the Coach.  I eat meat.

It’s long past time for the Coach’s rush.




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