Beware lest any man cheat you by philosophy and vain deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the elements of the world and not according to Christ. — Paul the Apostle


The Brink of Ruin


It would be better if we were being cheated by philosophy. Instead politics is the source of our angst right now. Politics is downstream from philosophy. Philosophy is downstream from theology — the queen of the sciences.

We choose not to think of theology as a science. We choose, come to think of it, not to think about theology … at all. As every man is a priest he has the right and duty to create and maintain his own theology. And the few who engage in that task have reduced the science of theology to politicized quibbles over morality. I realize this is not an accurate description of the Protestant doctrine called the Priesthood of All Believers, but I will argue that it is the practical effect.

In our epoch every person’s first liberty is that of choosing their own God, or no God. I see government forced bloody atheism rising above the horizon. I feel the rumble of her artillery being hauled into place. I see the powers of virtue, morality and religion attempting an accommodation in place of a strengthening of the walls, and preparations for the necessary offensive Holy Crusade of the always victorious Church Militant.

The reduction of Christianity to optional superstition by the State is bearing it’s inevitable rotten fruit. A late nineteenth century writer observed, “That cannot by any means be accounted the perfection of civilized life which sets all legitimate authority boldly at defiance; nor can that be regarded as liberty which, shamefully and by the vilest means, spreading false principles, and freely indulging the sensual gratification of lustful desires, claims impunity for all crime and misdemeanor, and thwarts the goodly influence of the worthiest citizens of whatsoever class.”

Pope Leo XIII continues, “Delusive, perverse, and misleading as are these principles, they cannot possibly have any inherent power to perfect the human race and fill it with blessing, for ‘sin maketh nations miserable.’”

The Pope concludes, “Such principles, as a matter of course, must hurry nations, corrupted in mind and heart, into every kind of infamy, weaken all right order, and thus, sooner or later, bring the standing and peace of the State to the very brink of ruin.”

We are a hurried nation — a world rushing headlong to hell. The internet is weaponized to not only surveil U.S. but to harry U.S. Every kind of infamy is everywhere now, especially among our young. We place the most potent weapon of moral corruption ever invented — the “smart” phone — in their hands before they can even walk. Pregnant with videos of sons sexually molesting their mothers our portable computer screens are corrupting minds and hearts. We are bringing the standing and peace of the State to the very brink of ruin with this matriarchal reality show we’ve produced, and in which we are all living.

Donald Trump stands atop our production like the pop television star we demand. His mannish tweets fill us with confidence and hope. We grant him authority beyond his wisdom, and live each day entertained by the show he and his fake media orchestrate for U.S. We are enjoying ourselves so much that we failed to notice that they closed the world because of a weak strain of the flu. Part of their new normal is money that doesn’t even have to grow on trees. Today’s magic money appears on command out of thin air. It just shows up in your bank account, unearned.

All you must do to receive it is mask up, socially distance and become a mindless member of Fauci’s arrogant and loveless, but entertaining, new normal. A couple who produce videos invested heavily over the years in building up a large YouTube channel. A few months ago they announced their desire to abandon the platform. They’re videos are being demonetized, shadow banned and deleted. They pointed out that approved content is increasingly boring, trivial, adolescent and irrelevant. They suggested the platform should be renamed They- Tube. It is no longer about You. It is about what THEY want you to watch and think about, not what YOU want.

There doesn’t appear to be a strong correlation between big tech censorship and Donald Trump’s base. If there were I suspect he would be doing more than just promising to fix the problem. The Fauci/Gates Plannedemic, however, appears to have changed much about politics.

One thing is certain. The rest of the year is going to be epic. Take off your mask, cuddle with your lover and buckle in for the political roller coaster ride of the century.



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