I discovered Lucas Gage recently.  This YouTube is long.  Over two hours.  That’s good.  Incredible actually.  It wasn’t long ago that long form videos weren’t even possible.  This is not one of the downsides to tech development.  Long form conversations like this are a plus.  YouTube makes it possible for it to be free (paid for by advertisers).  But the woke insistence on “safety” is threatening this sort of long form conversation paid for by advertising.  Sadly.

Lucas is living through a three-month suspension on X.  He relies on ad dollars from his large X following to feed his family.  He was suspended because he offended Jews.  While suspended he doesn’t receive any revenue.

Lucas is a Marine.  He adopts the style of a Marine drill sergeant in his online content.  It is this motif that got him in trouble with Musk.  Actually, it was a perverted (edited) version of his content that got him in trouble with Musk.  The Jews edited his content to put the worst possible spin on it.  Of course.

I encourage you to check out Lucas, and to support him.



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