Spokane Police Sergeant Terry Preuninger said Yaghtin was given numerous opportunities to stay in the protest’s designated area. — KREM2 News Station Spokane Washington


Spokane, Washington: A Time for Blood?


I chose the provocative title above for Friday’s column. The only difference is that where I have “Spokane, Washington” I printed “Richmond, Virginia.” Today is D-Day in Richmond. The media is making the story fit their government-force-is-always-good narrative that they used so effectively in Charlottesville, Virginia a few years ago. Today will tell us if they can squeeze more propaganda value out of Richmond.

On Friday I met Pastor Afshin Yaghtin, leader of New Covenant Baptist Church in Spokane, Washington. The Holy Spirit called on him to use his body to preserve the innocent conscience of children in June of 2019. God told him to put himself, body and soul, in-between his local government and the children. The government was so dedicated to making it possible for deranged males wearing dresses to expose their genitals to little children that they put snipers on the roof of the public library. A reasonable person would think they were there to protect the children. Nope. Their rifles were pointed at the Christians who were forced into a cage outside the library where they could be easily targeted and killed.

That wasn’t the worst part. The news station proudly aired interviews with “parents” who were lined up to expose their children to this horror. No adults were allowed into the library without at least one innocent child to destroy.

I had a horrible weekend thinking about all of this. In addition to fighting a cold I felt … and continue to feel … deep angst in my soul over what my nation has become. It did so on my watch. I spent the power years of my career wielding real influence. I was known to state Governors, and rubbed shoulders with the people who created this nightmare.

I didn’t do enough to stop them. I wasn’t truthful. I was careful, pragmatic and judicious. I didn’t trust Jesus Christ enough to just use the honest Christian words “sodomy” and “sodomite” when it could have made a difference. Instead I talked in their circles using the idiot therapeutic phrase “sexual orientation.” It is misapplied in morality and politics. It probably has some usefulness in science and counseling … maybe.

Anyway, young and strong parents don’t get trapped by drag queen ideology in a morality vacuum. It takes decades to build a nonsensical culture robust and persuasive enough to create a public library scene like the one I described above. And I was complicit in creating that culture, that “church.” Christianity is meaningless in America. It is rotting from the head down, and has been for many decades … if not centuries.

And Christianity is getting worse in America, not better. I’m afraid that Christianity is now incapable of being of much help in the coming fights. Like water eroding the edges off useful blocks of stone American culture has turned the church into a smooth feminist object. The dazzling brilliance of religion is, however, that one real man with a sling shot can turn a smooth stone into a giant killer.

We don’t get to know the future. Only God knows the future. And tens of millions of people in the West — many of them young — know that humanity has an arrogant, fat, old and ugly globalist giant to slay. The Eastern nations of the West are showing the way as they continue to emerge from behind the Iron Curtain. Their Christian religious and cultural resolve only hardens as they interact with what remains of their once prosperous, and increasingly pagan, Western neighbors.

I must return to Spokane as I conclude this morning. I opened the COLUMN with this quote from the local news station, “Spokane Police Sergeant Terry Preuninger said Yaghtin was given numerous opportunities to stay in the protest’s designated area.” Pastor Yaghtin was arrested that day. The drag queens were not. Yaghtin was arrested for not joining the other Christians in the “protest’s designated area” — that would be the caged kill zone for the snipers on the roof.

Your entire life is now fenced in. The wicked Leftist-controlled corporate/government complex is installing 5G everywhere so that they can turn the entire nation into their “designated” kill zones.

Are you going to let freedom die? Are you going to surrender your soul to them? Are you? Or … will you be like Pastor Yaghtin, and respond actively to the Holy Spirit’s nudge to love your neighbor as yourself?



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