Google is deliberately working to interfere with the reelection of Trump in 2020. — Breitbart article entitled “Election Interference: Google Purges Breitbart from Search Results”

So Sad

Donald Trump Jr. is complaining about a TEMPORARY Twitter ban.  All I feel is anger in response to the Trumps saying anything about online censorship.  The evidence for what is happening now was in BEFORE the 2016 election.  Everybody knows what Google, Fakebook etc. are doing.  They’ve told the world what they are doing, and why.  They are all in on defeating this President’s re-election bid.  And when I say THEY I mean everyone except for older rural Americans, especially those who take their Christian faith seriously enough to apply God’s moral law to nation building and civilization.  Some data expert already knows whether there are enough of us.  It’s clear there won’t be enough in just a few years.  The only change that would help is an immediate moratorium on all immigration for at least ten years.

What’s also necessary … but it’s probably too late … is for the government to break the back of the information monopoly power that has been granted to media corporations like CNN, MSNBC, Google and Fakebook.  I haven’t given up hope, but I must admit my hope on this matter is hanging by a thread at this point.  And that thread could break any day now.

We are literally now living in a dystopian science fiction novel.  EVERYTHING I see around me is based on fiction.  I took a jog last night in lovely and quaint Mount Airy, North Carolina.  On the Greenway that is usually pristine the cracks of collapse are starting to show.  The litter is becoming more ubiquitous.  Nearly liquid, but solid enough to create multiple muddy lumps, dog crap adorned the middle of the sidewalk on Andy Griffith’s Main Street last night.  All the stores were closed, and you could cut the fear in the air with a knife.  I saw almost nobody walking the normally happy and busy street.

Walmart’s parking lot was most likely full.  We have become so insanely stupid.  How can we not see that those we empower to govern, educate and absolve us have decided to destroy us.  All men who value their surroundings using the dollar are to be pitied.  The love of money is a major factor in bringing an end to our empire.  It is the root of all evil, according to Jesus Christ.

What we need more than anything else is personal responsibility and repentance.  All of us need to repent for the role we played in bringing our beloved nation to this point.  Donald Trump needs to publicly express sorrow over his womanizing, instead of being complicit in hiding the facts about Epstein and Ghislane.  God help him if he was into having sex with children.  It wouldn’t surprise me given the almost complete collapse of reason with respect to sexuality, especially among the rich.  But none of us who were alive and adult as the plot for our current narrative was written in recent decades are free from responsibility.  We all have a lot of soul searching to do.  I suspect some of us are going to be given a bare and quiet cell in which to reflect on our sins fairly soon.

My wife, Paulie, is an incredible woman.  She has to be to remain married to me.  When the cost of our faithfulness to God and truth put us in a cedar shingle paint shed a few years ago she didn’t complain.  She did the work until her arm gave out.  And while she worked she listened, using an ipod, to Tolstoy’s “War and Peace.”  Last week she obtained the three books of “The Gulag Archipelago.”  Truth hurts.  But it is always better than lies … especially big ones like the one being foisted upon us right now.  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn lived to write the truth about the realities of a left wing revolution.  It’s necessary for thoughtful people to expose themselves to this history now.

Fortunately the internet has established channels of communication never before possible.  And over the past decade many of those channels became opaque to boomers and oligarchs.  The current censorship by the rich and powerful is aimed at the political and cultural right for a reason.  The reason is the rising power, influence and threat of Logos Rising.  This is the title of the supremely hopeful new book authored by veteran culture war crusader Dr. E. Michael Jones.

Years ago I stopped wasting my time on anything in America’s pop culture, especially advertising.  Eventually I stopped watching all modern dramas and movies.  I started spending hours working to understand the thought and passions of the targets of pop culture, political and corporate powers.  The internet and YouTube made that job really easy.  I have learned so much from these dissident voices all over the world.  I only regret that I didn’t speak more languages so that I could learn even more.  I love ideas.  I’ve discovered that I especially love ideas that money powers despise.

And America is the most obsessed and narcissistic money powered empire the world has ever endured.  Those money powers have been cancelling and censoring the honest scholarship of Dr. E. Michael Jones for decades.  Even though he had dozens of books of all types on Amazon, many that were very well received by a large readership, his channel was deleted without notice a few weeks ago.  This just makes me more interested in his ideas, not less.  And I’m not alone.

I am training my mind not to fear prison and martyrdom.  I can never, and will never, bow my knee to these powers.  I thank God for the life He has given me.  I have my sins and weaknesses.  One of them is not cowering and bending my knee to the now all powerful LGBTQ movement.

I will NEVER darken the door of a Chick Fil A.  EVER.

And Black Lives Matter has NOTHING to do with race … except that it is a supremely racist movement.  It is flat out Left wing revolutionary hate.  If we don’t destroy it, we will have earned what’s next.



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