Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof — First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Separate Government from Church

On day one as Governor of Maine I would separate the state government from the Church. I would close the state’s education and welfare departments. I would put Maine’s government out of the business of “caring” for people. Government would no longer be the arbiter and guarantor of everything. Government is not God.

The West is a creation of Christianity. Protestantism has flubbed things up so badly that I would turn to the Bishop of Portland. The Roman Catholic Church would take over education and welfare. In the wake of covidinsanity we need their wisdom more than ever, especially when it comes to matters of home and hearth.

Freud, Nietzsche, Luther — and especially Jewish Talmudic racism — is out. The encyclicals and philosophy/ theology of the Roman Catholics is in. I’ve been listening to readings of the Pope’s encyclicals from the 1800s. All I can say is wow. They pretty much nailed the twentieth century.

Look, going forward we have a simple decision to make in America. We either jettison the last pathetic vestiges of Christianity, or we get serious about religion. If we’re going to take religion seriously we’re going to have to choose one. It has always been nonsensical to think that all of them are equal. For goodness sakes look where that has gotten us. My old friends in the so-called pro family movement can only think about begging sodomites to grant them the “freedom” to exist. They choose not to realize the truth. Sodomites are simply the most recent flavor of proxy warrior for the rich and powerful. They create the chaos that the oligarchs use to control the mob. Before them it was blacks, and before that it was women.

If we’re going to choose Christianity then Rome is the sensible choice for the English. We’ve spent a half millennium doing Christianity our way. It ain’t working, obviously. I say we turn to Rome. And when I say Rome I’m not saying this current Pope. I am saying that we look to the Seat of Peter for wisdom and knowledge — especially about morality. I mean no disrespect to Jorge Mario Bergoglio, especially in his role as Pontiff. But on all things globalist I disagree with him. That’s encouraged within the Church you know — disagreement over ideas.

I’m not going to run off and open my own Church, which is the Protestant way. This weakening of Christianity in America has done more than anything else to create the mess in which we find ourselves. Things are not worse because sensible Protestants continue to honor and defend the Bible, which they stole from the Roman Catholic Church five hundred years ago.


All the States in America were founded with Christianity as their heart. The States all chose different denominations of Protestantism, with the exception being Maryland (founded by Catholics) because America is a revolutionary power. We threw off the King of England and borrowed syncretistic ideas about religion from the rising philosophy among English speaking intellectuals. Masons played a big role in this.

When the central or Federal government was profoundly weak it adopted the First Amendment, which is printed at the top of this COLUMN. It was a political move to assure that the national government wouldn’t be forced to choose from among the denominations that ruled the states. While the revolutionary war was animated by the slogan “No King but King Jesus” the oligarchy made sure that their power would not be attenuated by King Jesus. He is nowhere mentioned in our legal documents. The best we’ve ever been able to do at the national level is “In God We Trust.” Never an official or legal mention of Jesus Christ.

Without His favor, and that of His parents Joseph and Mary, no state lasts for long. Even with their favor states often falter due to sin. The human condition is complicated, to say the least. Until Jesus Christ returns again we suffer the consequences of Adam’s choice in the Garden of Eden.

The economic benefit to Maine from doing this would be immediate. Two thirds of the annual budget would go away. And the labor force that will replace the bloated Freudian and communist workforce of these behemoth “institutions” would be cost free. Priests, Monks and Nuns take a vow of poverty, chastity and obedience. All the Church has to provide is three meals and a cot. Jesus Christ demands everything from those called to Holy Orders. The Church will easily raise the funds needed to provide for their staffing needs through tithes and offerings — once the hierarchy stops hiding and sinning sexually.

Oh, and those of you who think rule of the Church over education and welfare means that you can’t be an atheist or homo anymore are sadly mistaken. The categories of atheist or homo really don’t exist without Christian morality anyway. You guys will be better off under Catholic rule in the area of home and hearth. You’ll be forced to keep your sins and unbelief to yourselves, which is better for everyone.

And lastly for my Protestant brothers and sisters. You will be better off also. Catholics define Protestantism as a heresy, not an apostasy. Your orthodox water baptism makes you a Christian. They will discuss theology and philosophy with you on those grounds. You can argue your favorite verse, or sequence of verses, to your heart’s content, and still be part of the Church. What you can’t do is declare your own interpretation, or that of your group, to be the Church’s interpretation of the scripture. That is decided by the Church, thank God.

The State has the right, indeed a duty before God, to declare it’s affiliation with Christianity — with Rome. And the Federal government has nothing to say about it. The Federal Government shall make no law …

I’m tired of being a revolutionary, aren’t you? Four centuries of rebellion is enough. When will we stop shaking our fist at God? Will we stop when we have the right to kill our babies before they are born? Oh, wait, we’ve been doing that for decades. Will we stop when we decide there is no difference between two men having sex and a man and a woman having sex? Oh, yea, we already figured that one out. Will we stop when we’ve gained the “right” to kill our parents when they become too expensive? Got that one too. Will we stop when we have the “right” to ignore our DNA and declare our own gender? Taking care of that one right now. Will we stop when we create a technology that makes sexually explicit videos depicting sons having sex with their sisters and mothers instantly available to our pubescent boys? Already doin it.

I say we make Jesus our King instead of our selfishness, passion and lust. Amen.


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