Constitutionalist Alex Newman exposes the Convention of States in a Rumble Video. Click on the image to view the video on your phone, tablet or computer 

The limited hangout known as the Maine Legislature started meeting at the beginning of the year.  A limited hangout is defined by the Urban Dictionary, “Intentionally telling a juicy part of the truth of your secret so people are too misdirected, and to distracted, to investigate the full truth.”

Maine’s Mr. Libertarian, Eric Brakey, has a secret he’s working hard to hide.  Ron Paul’s Pine Tree State protégé wants to erase and replace the United States Constitution.  Libertarians need to phone home to the mothership on this one.  As Maine’s newly elected supreme governing body get’s rolling under the baby-and-family-slaughtering leadership of Governor Jezebel Janet Kills Brakey’s legislative committee has taken up a bill that would perform this gruesome task for the radical globalist moneyman George Soros.

Soros has supposed good guys like Princeton Professor Robert George helping him “persuade” men like Brakey.  George has even penned a new constitution for U.S.  One feature of the helpful professor’s new constitution is the elimination of the right to bear arms.  That would be the uniquely American constitutional principle that made Brakey famous in Maine.  The youthful Senator is credited with championing Maine’s constitutional carry law that passed during Paul turn-LePage’s first term in office.

Brakey entered politics at a perfect time for his post modern self obsessed leadership style.  Making no determined claim to transcendent Christian principles. Brakey experiences no cognitive dissonance simultaneously hewing hard to constitutional carry, a pot store in every village, and erasing/replacing the constitution.  Oh yes, and he throws in his pro life “convictions” during election years, like every other “conservative” Maine Republican politician I’ve ever known.  I’ve been in this Maine political business for forty years and I’ve yet to meet a single powerful politician who has the courage to meaningfully confront baby killing and sodomy while in office.

And because the State House is home to a limited hangout that is owned by Washington D.C. elected officials get away with whatever they want.  The bottomless sums of money available to God-hating institutional power secures Maine government’s satan-led, media-protected march to hell.

For more about the earthly source of this corrupting money watch the video above and check out these links to online resources.




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