Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all people … he knew what was in each person.  — John 2:24-25

Saint John’s Valley

Crowning America, quite literally, is the lovely Roman Catholic Saint John Valley in Maine.  Situated in the northern most part of the northern most County in the United States — Aroostook — the western chunk of the Valley has been represented in the Maine Legislature by John Martin for half a century.  Martin pretends he’s a social conservative to calm the somewhat traditionalist Catholic waters of the Valley.

Single his whole life he shared an apartment in Augusta with Maine’s most famous sodomite for many years.  John’s roommate, Congressman Mike Michaud, gradually became boldly and publicly sodomitic over the sweep of his political career.  Martin always took a more circumspect path.  But the least well kept secret in Maine’s capitol city was that the state’s most powerful democrat, John Martin, was a homosexual.  I don’t know if he is or not.  And since it is such a badge of honor now I’m not worried about suggesting he prefers to have sex with men.  I’m sure he’s proud of it if he does.  And if he doesn’t then he really should want to since being a sodomite is the pinnacle of sexual expression in the West now.  Just ask Donald Trump.  He promotes it globally through his Office of the Secretary of State.

But John Martin’s political party, the Democrats, really take the cake.  They just can’t market enough God hatred.  They keep dreaming up new ways for the government to protect evils like baby murder, sodomy, drug use and family disintegration.  John must be among the most powerful Democrats in Maine.  He knows where all the bodies are buried because he’s the one that ordered all the hits in the past fifty years.

I wouldn’t be surprised if John Martin could qualify for sainthood in the church of Pope Francis.  Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is helping to reveal the depth of corruption that grips the hierarchy of the ancient Roman Catholic Church.  A major source of the corruption is the pedophilia and homosexuality of the priestly class.  This corruption is now clearly visible all the way to the Pope in Vatican City.  It obviously affects Catholic politicians in the West.  All Democrats can’t act quickly enough to defend sexual sin.

Martin maintains his political power by remaining comfortably situated inside Roman Catholic/Democrat politics of the 20th century.  The critical importance of building and maintaining a sexually reasonable culture to protect family life was pushed aside in favor of achieving financial success in the United States.  That’s why the Labor Unions of America have such a Catholic/Democrat flavor to them.  They have been fine tuning their relationship with the governments of the West for centuries protecting welfare in the name of “social justice.”  Absent from their work is the destruction of the antisocial unjust satanic sexual consensus that they helped create.

A friend from Maine informs me of the fact that Aroostook County is notorious among faithful Catholics for being a comfortable home to sexually corrupt priests.  John Martin must be a good fit.

2020 has been a crazy year.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see John Martin finally fall.  His opponent is an Aroostook native who served his country faithfully in the Air Force.  I’m praying the County will be represented by family man and Air Force Colonel Kevin Bushey after the November 3 election.



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