This is a helpful factual analysis of how NATO’s use of force to impose the ideals of the gay disco on Russia is going.  The bottom line is that it isn’t going so well.  The guest, Scott Ritter, is obviously an American expert.  He’s well read on military matters related to this conflict.  And he pays close attention to what America’s government is doing to manage it.

For example, he mentions Maine’s Senator Angus King by name.  I learned from the video that King recently held public hearings in Washington DC.  King supports economic sanctions against the ancient slavic state, Russia.  The sanctions are not working.  King wants to know why.  I have no idea what he learned from the hearings.

Ritter, however, points out that Russia is doing well economically.  Meanwhile, perhaps you’ve noticed that eggs are approaching a buck a piece in the good ole USA.

Our economy is not doing well.  You can cut the deep concern and uncertainty in the American populace with a knife.  This angst is inspiring big hearted, non-racist and generous Americans to enter government service, but maybe not at the Federal or State level.  It appears from recent headlines that showed up in my social feeds and email that they may be taking over Local and County government.

Thank God.  I don’t hold out hope of accomplishing much in State Capitols or in DC.  Money/power is too much of an incentive for corruptible human beings to resist.  And money floods the zone in these places.  Not so much as you move down to County and Local government in America.  Though here still careerism and greed play their part in corrupting the moral and legitimate ends of government.

One take away from the video about Russia is that their government is doing a better job than ours.  They just cut the ribbon on a gleaming new subway circling their national capitol Moscow, Russia.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t notice the rough edges moving inward toward the heart and soul of our train, plane and automobile infrastructure.  America is literally disintegrating, in every way.  Our little girls are forced by the government in so-called public schools to wonder whether God made them to be boys.  And our roads, airports and railroad tracks are devolving because the personal-pleasure-obsessed-sodomite Pete Buttplug is the “man” responsible for maintaining those critical national resources.  Palestine, Ohio anyone?

America and NATO are in a bad way.

Russia is better off, having re-established — after euthanizing atheistic communism — her organic and historic connection to her religion, Russian Christian Orthodoxy.




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