Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die. — GK Chesterton

Roe Vs Wade: A Life and Death Drama

Since 1973 the Shakespearean drama called abortion has played to crowds of millions … tens of millions. When the Supremes diabolically created the nightmare most Americans closed their eyes believing it would go away. Today the issue elects Presidents. Tomorrow hundreds of thousands of Roman Catholics will gather once again in Washington D.C. They will march from the White House to the Supreme Court. They will come from all over America. A smattering of evangelicals will mix in with the Catholics.

What we see on display tomorrow in our nation’s capitol is the best of Christianity. We see the people of the Faith understanding what Chesterton observed above. We see them living out a form of courage. Being pro life in my lifetime has never required that one kill or be killed. It has meant risking friendships and acquaintances. The courage called for in politics is rarely mortal. Political courage does, however, come with a cost. All courage costs the soul something.

In his tremendous work called “Orthodoxy” Chesterton wrote, “Alone of all creeds, Christianity has added courage to the virtues of the Creator. For the only courage worth calling courage must necessarily mean that the soul passes a breaking point and does not break.” For many, choosing to tell the truth on abortion and sodomy is a breaking point. They see it as a point beyond which they cannot go. To do so would break relationships and networks that must not be broken.

I passed the breaking point on those issues decades ago. I’m still here. My lobbying career was destroyed. My soul is stronger than ever. My Christian Ministry remains.

I said above that being pro life hasn’t required that one kill or be killed. While this is true politically speaking the reason the issue won’t die is because it is about human life — and death. The abortion issue is about human life at it’s most vulnerable point. It is about whether our mother chooses to murder U.S. or not. Civilizations don’t open up mind space for such “judgments” … for such “thinking.” Civilizations simply make murder illegal and create systems to nurture motherhood and fatherhood. The issue is not complicated at all. It is very simple. Basic. Moral. The issue has nothing to do with sex or freedom.

Just like sodomy has nothing to do with either sex or freedom. We are led to believe it does by wicked propagandists who work for our destruction. Behind it all is the master deceiver, of course, Satan. He is our most potent enemy.

He has lots of helpers these days. Chief among them is the Left wing of Western politics. Not content with killing innocent babies, and perverting manhood, they want to flood Western nations with the most needy and criminal non-Westerners on the planet. They’re using their incredibly effective propaganda machines to push the “white guilt” narrative. It’s amazing to me that it works. It appears to be working, except when it doesn’t.

Tommy Robinson just received an international award for speaking freely about the destruction of his hometown by immigration. Brexit is scheduled for the end of this month. Donald Trump is surviving his Impeachment. Thousands of gun owners just cleaned the litter off the streets of Richmond demonstrating how unhinged and dangerous they are. Hundreds of thousands of law-abiding, patriotic, working Americans (Killary’s deplorables) will gather for the 47th time tomorrow to call for an end to the baby killing. People all across the West are walking away from the Leftist propaganda on family issues while the most easterly of the Western nations project muscular respect for their traditional brands of Christianity.

The globalist narrative is weaker than it has ever been in my lifetime. And it is getting weaker by the day. Blackface actors like the infanticide loving gun hater atop Virginia’s politburo, Northam, are losing their hold on the imagination of Western people. It’s long past time. Indeed, it may be too late.

Without Nineveh style repentance it is inevitable that a militant sort of courage will become necessary and evident. Chesterton once again, “The professional soldier gains more and more power as the general courage of a community declines.” We political activists lament in blazing tones the lack of general courage in the American community. Our rhetoric is white hot at this point. As it must be.

No human wants war. It is the last resort. And it is a reality in our fallen world. America was designed to maintain a tiny national military force. America’s defense would be maintained primarily by a “well regulated militia,” not by an expensive standing national army of professional soldiers used by politicians to achieve the now obviously unrealistic in money making hot spots all over the planet.

The original America First movement lost the argument in the 1930s over Empire. The U.S. decided to become one. An Empire that destroys family life in favor of sexual freedom is not long for this world — thank God. Trump’s America First movement must repent of her hatred of family life and true religion or our children will grow up in a world where America’s Last … and deservedly so.



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