Northam said he respects the right of VDCL and other groups to protest gun control legislation in the state but called on them to keep the demonstrations peaceful. — Breitbart, January 15, 2020


Richmond, Virginia: A Time for Blood?


The Left wing of Western politics is deeply threatened at the moment. Every stratagem they’ve attempted in the past four years has failed dramatically. The power behind the throne of this movement is comprised of privileged old folks who don’t even begin to want to think of the internet as anything other than the most potent control and propaganda mechanism ever invented. Their ignorant globalist arrogance continues to push righteousness into the corner. Will Richmond on Monday be where the cornered virtue of the West in America decides to fight back in such a way that it cannot be refused? We shall see.

The corporate lap dog media is perfectly performing the role assigned to them. They are painting a picture of gun owning Americans taken directly from the pages of the PR firm that coined Killary’s “deplorables” epithet. You cannot consider any news about Richmond without being reminded of Charlotte. The essence of being cornered by an enemy determined to destroy you is being forced into a situation where there are only two choices. Fight or die. The time for guile and optics has passed. Ferociously fighting for keeps is the only option.

It’s obvious which force is doing the cornering. The force that has invested my lifetime in destroying all the virtues. Just like clockwork you can depend on this force to issue the clarion call for “civility” whenever those who truly care about their families and futures get close to gaining a modicum of power and influence. The Catholic hierarchy issued that call in the fall with the 2020 political season in mind. They’re calling their super slick and fabulously expensive public relations campaign “Civilize It: Dignity Beyond the Debate.” That’s rich. A gaggle of pampered religious sodomites calling on the rest of us to be civilized and dignified. This is the same priestly class that spent the last fifty years gutting and pillaging the Church they were hired to lead. And lest you think that Evangelicalism is any better off take a look at where “conservative” preacher Tim Keller is leading Christians in the West. He’s joined the mindless mob of LGBT sycophants. Good people everywhere are rejecting these wayward souls. I ain’t buying it.

And neither are the armed men making their way to Richmond, Virginia this weekend. They’ve had it up to way past their eyeballs. I wasn’t planning to be there. God willing I’m going to go. I’m only a six hour drive from Richmond. I’m going to join a group of men planning to wear a uniform consisting of a “Protect the Flock with a Glock” T-Shirt and Cross Hat.

The act that tipped me over the edge was the Communist Governor’s decision to declare a State of Emergency.

He chose to demonize the Virginia Citizens Defense League rather than respect them. Thank God the President of VCDL doubled down in response. He said he doesn’t believe that Northam “has the right to ban weapons.” Northam, to his discredit, trotted out the same old tired Leftist talking points saying of the hard working and respectful lobbying group, “I call on them to disavow anyone who wishes to use Monday’s rally to advance a violent agenda. Hate, intimidation and violence have no place here.”

Northam’s people have spent decades doing violence to Christianity, decency and common sense. They’ve invested their life’s blood in destroying and dismantling America. There’s no force on earth that has invested more violently subversive energy in hating the moral teachings of Jesus Christ. Nobody is more intimidating … NOBODY … than Northam and his Leftist cabal in the Western media. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Don’t forget that this same man publicly advocated for killing BORN babies. These people love death. And they are master manipulators and propagandists. Also, they have grown accustomed to getting their way. I’m praying that Richmond is the first shot heard ‘round the world in 2020 for common sense in U.S. culture and politics. Can you imagine how powerful it would be if Donald Trump came to Richmond to be with his people there. This is not at all like Charlotte. It isn’t about race, and everyone knows it. This is about the Second Amendment. It is about that because that is what Northam made it about with his crazy proposed legislation.

I trust the armed men who are assembling this group. I don’t even begin to trust … or even respect … the chattering class of either Virginia or her contiguous globalist capitol city, Washington D.C. And I’m not alone. I need to be there to experience it for myself, and be able to write and talk about it.

I learned at the cancer clinic where my wife was treated yesterday, from a nurse, that the North Carolina county in which we live — Surry — has declared itself a sanctuary county for gun owners. Political leaders just north of us here are calling for the secession of the western counties of Virginia. They want to become part of West Virginia.

I’d say we’re cornered and we’ve decided to fight rather than die. The weapons for our success are less political than they are spiritual. God willing bloodshed won’t be a necessary component. But you can’t promise to sodomize and subject to usurious deadly servitude a people’s children and grandchildren without a fight.

You wicked demons on the Left are about to get a political whoopin. I can feel it in my bones. Donald Trump for God Emperor (I’m kiddin … sort of).

Praise God.


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