Surely He will save you … from the deadly pestilence. — Psalm 91


Reign of Terror Will End


America will not descend into socialism or communism. We will, however, never be the same. But we never are. God makes each day new. We don’t get to know tomorrow. Only He knows tomorrow. Each day He gives us a new opportunity to learn about FAITH and reason, not just reason. We Americans need more faith than ever right now.

I don’t trust Trump or politics. Never have. I do trust God. Always have.
It’s my dad’s fault.

Yesterday I drove into Maine from North Carolina. My first stop was my dad’s freshly dug grave in Augusta, Maine. He died before the Plannedemic got up a full head of steam. I missed the burial two weeks ago. I was working in North Carolina.

It was Fathers Day. God the Father honored me way beyond what I deserved by permitting my schedule to enable my visit with dad. I wept … a lot. I miss him.

I miss men and fathers. Where are they?

I deeply mourn the fatherlessness in America. I wonder at the madness that splashes across my device screens every day now.

Trump did his best Saturday night in Tulsa. He was not well served by his staff. He’ll fix that. He’s good at firing people. I listened to most of his speech while driving north through the night Saturday. I laughed a lot. He is entertaining.

But His world is literally burning to the ground. Boomer tech isn’t his only challenge, obviously. He is smart. But he’s only human … just a man. His faith is weak. His ego is strong.

Will God help U.S.?

I don’t know. I don’t know the future.

I do know that He gave us up to our sins and pride a long time ago. Paul the Apostle told us 2000 years ago that the evidence of God choosing to socially distance Himself is sodomy. I guess we don’t need to wonder about the truth of that observation anymore. We’re bent right over, kneeling and taking it all over the place.

I’ll NEVER darken the door of a Chick-Fil-A again. EVER.

I put out this press release today. Be interesting to see what happens. Hopefully nothing. I like delivering packages for FedEx.


Hey, Jezebel Janet Kills … I’m Back

Contact: Michael S. Heath, 207-956-0819

Mayberry, North Carolina — The well known Christian political crusader, Michael Heath, is home. On June 21st he drove from North Carolina to Maine. He isn’t hiding out for fourteen days. He is, in fact, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor of Maine. He will be unseating current Governor Jezebel Janet Kills in 2022.

“I’m so excited Mike is home,” Said Campaign Manager Paul Madore. “I miss his friendship. More important is his courage and leadership. Maine needs it now more than ever.”

Heath’s day job is delivering the mail for package delivery giant FedEx. “As Governor I’ll be delivering the people’s package to Maine’s Center of Political and Cultural Prostitution, the State House.” Heath proclaimed, “We ain’t wearing your muzzle, we’re open for business and we’re going to follow God’s law and order — not yours.”



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