I was exposed to porn during puberty.  This warped me in profound ways.  Jesus saved me using my beautiful Christian wife, Paulie.  But the effects of that early exposure still reverberate in my psychology.

The most helpful idea I’ve learned to counter the negative effects is that porn is a political weapon.  It is deliberately injected into society to weaken men — rob them of moral clarity and courage.  The masses are waking up to the fact that this injection of porn into society at all levels, and in every way, isn’t administered by Christians.

While most still don’t have the knowledge — or courage to say it — the culprit is a group who identify themselves as Jews.  They allow themselves to identify as such, but nobody else has permission to name them.  The one exception are Americans who support Zionism, or the tiny new ethnostate in the Middle East known as Israel.  This religious and political movement is generously funded by Jews, but no other conversation or awareness is allowed.  Jews become especially outraged if you suggest that they have any relationship to money, or the LGBTQ+ movement (as I learned the hard way while working for the Christian Civic League of Maine).

While Christians reject pornography, and the payment of interest on debt, Jewish groups love both practices.  Especially when Jews benefit at the expense of the group they refer to as the “Goy.”  That would be anyone who isn’t Jewish.  One hundred and forty Jewish groups (That is up to 400 Jewish groups as of February 1, 2023) have declared their allegiance to baby murder since the Supreme Court’s rejection of the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision last year.  They are crying foul because they claim abortion is a Jewish religious sacrament.

The most pivotal event related to this all important issue came with a black rapper most still know as Kanye West late last year.  West, who has changed his name to Ye, was targeted by this group and threatened with not just financial calamity, but permanent housing in a looney bin.  The Jews stole two billion dollars from him.

The latest casualty in this one sided war between powerful Jewish interests in the West and the rule of law is Steven Crowder.  This battle is playing out as I write.  Crowder cried foul upon review of the fine print in a fifty million dollar contract offer from an outfit called The Daily Wire headed by a Jewish “conservative” named Ben Shapiro.  It’s hard to tell at this point who is in damage control mode more effectively, Crowder or Shapiro.  Both men are engaged on the internet using the most powerful weapons of our age).  If money were the only fuel for these space age weapons then the edge would have to go to Shapiro.  My sense, however, is that the most powerful weapon — popularly known as Truth — is starting to show up on the battlefield.  A rising global consciousness and angst is making this possible.  Hence the online censorship rabidly employed by Jewish groups (with support from many governments around the world) like the ADL and SPLC.

Back to Ye, who brilliantly supped with Trump on Thanksgiving and followed with three hours on InfoWars with Alex Jones.  Ye’s costume was delicious.  He covered his face with a sock, dressed in black and talked honestly about Hitler.  He proved to me that the age of public relations is coming to an end.  Ye’s imaginative and truthful fashion statement put an exclamation point on the truth regarding the way he is being treated by the Jews in his life.  One can argue the details of course, but the fact of the matter is that the costume, along with the narrative, are now a meme.  He wrote large using iconography at the speed of the internet.  And none of us will ever be the same.

I grew up in Maryland.  I spent my high school years in a mostly northern European stock culture.  There were enough Americans who came here from Africa to be noticed.  I saw that they tended to do well on the football team.  That’s the extent of my engagement with them.  They had their culture, influenced I’m sure by their African origins, and I had my more European influenced background and milieu.  I never had a hostile encounter with them, and didn’t grow up in a house where I was encouraged to think in racial terms.

That’s why it was so difficult for me to believe my late friend Fritz Spencer when he predicted a CIA backed color revolution in America.  He told me of his belief in the early part of the new millennium.  At that time America was emerging in a positive way from the consequences of nineteenth century slavery.  I didn’t think renewed violent conflict of a racial nature was possible.  Alas, I was wrong.  Fritz was right.

In three short years I became a white person who hates black people, even though I don’t and never did.  And since I’m not all that interested in Marxist theory I’m doubly damned by both the melatonin level in my skin and “willful ignorance.”  At least that’s the rallying cry of all the institutions of the West.

It isn’t working.

Nick Fuentes is the proof.

The twenty four year old political live streamer leads a fast  growing movement of gaming Incel peers.  Drawing inspiration from the most dramatically cancelled man on the internet — Andrew Anglin — from his mother’s basement Fuentes speaks plainly about his most deeply held convictions, especially on religion. He was personally introduced to Trump by Ye at the Mar-a-Lago Thanksgiving dinner.  The once wildly popular conservative homosexual, Milo Yiannopolis, was advising Ye and Fuentes at the time of the supper and interview.

The youthful white basement dwelling Nick is strongly supported by influential black voices.  The most recognizable is Ye who is running for President on a platform of direct and honest speech.  Ye yanked the gaming Fuentes out of Mom’s gloomy basement and plopped him down in the heart of darkness, Los Angeles, California.  The Western Establishment is literally banking on the idea that the Ye/Fuentes willingness to push the debate over Jewish influence into the headlines will bankrupt their movement.  That might have been true in early 2022.  It wasn’t true by the end of the year, and the world will never forget what it is learning as the probes into what’s going on in clown world, and why, continue.

The habit of ignoring what is lurking in plain sight is being replaced by a habit of authentic truth telling.

I can’t think of a more unlikely alliance in this diabolically race charged atmosphere than one between a young white Christian incel, who games and livestreams from his mother’s basement, and the most popular Christian black rapper on the planet.  Even more unlikely is the idea that the glue that binds them would be an honest curiosity about the most well known human being in the twentieth century — Adolph Hitler.  Yet, here we are.

God writes straight with crooked lines.

Ye 24.




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