What about Mike’s alleged “homophobia”? Mike has strong moral and religious grounds for viewing homosexual practice and transgenderism as immoral. That does not mean he is beset by an irrational “phobia.” Of course, that’s what propagandists for “LGBTQ” coercion want you to think so that in typical Marxist style they can take any possible critique off the table. — Robert Gagnon in a Facebook post about the recent suicide of University of North Carolina professor Mike Adams


Fifty five year old Professor Mike Adams killed himself with a gun last Thursday.  He had just accepted a deal with the University of North Carolina.  They gave him a half million dollars to go away.  I don’t think they meant that he should kill himself with a gun.  But I don’t think they care one way or another.  I don’t think anybody cares about anybody else anymore.  Why should we?  For decades we’ve doubled down on sexual pleasure at the expense of motherhood.  Since mid century men have decidedly looked at other men’s daughters in the nude thinking they were playing boys.  Nobody cares anymore.

Politicians lock us in our homes and print a few trillion dollars.  Nobody cares.  Just be sure to wear that muzzle.  And if you dare to question the muzzling then you’re a conspiracy believing science denier.  The only thing we must fear now is the government.  Since God was killed over a century ago in the West there’s no need to allow those pesky ten commandments to hang around.  Tear the few remaining plaques down while we erase the memory of saints and heroes by violently and illegally removing their statues.  Wouldn’t want to remember horrid racists like King Louis of France, the namesake of our own city St Louis.  Obviously the city was named after a racist since pale skinned Europeans slaughtered all the peaceful and praise worthy pagan Indians.  King Louis needs to go also because he was Roman Catholic.  Everyone knows that priests are sodomites and the Pope is the antichrist … right?

Reading the Bible and praying that God will comfort us in our personal angst will be our salvation.  Jesus Christ will return on April 23, 2023.  That’s clear because Revelation 12:14 coincides with the passing of planet Niburu in the cancer of Leo … or something.  While Christianity continues to melt down into a puddle of quibbles LGBTism is possessing everything.  Did you know that Black Lives Matter was founded by a couple proud sodomite women?  What does butt sex have to do with skin color?  BLM wants to destroy the family.  They declare it proudly on their website.

You don’t care.  Nobody cares.  Just make sure you don’t offend that daughter-in-law.  Don’t say or do anything to anger your son.  They know everything.  They are millennials, God’s gift to human history.  And if you don’t believe me just ask one.

I’m 59 years old next month.  God helped me become an expert at destroying my career.  It wasn’t all Him.  I’m sure that my challenging economic situation as I prepare to enter my sixth decade is more my responsibility than it is His.  I could have taken that job offer from the gambling lobby when I was working to stop a casino from being built in Calais, Maine a few decades ago.  Nobody needed to know.  The nearly six figure income that many lobbyists enjoy would have come in handy providing for a wife and three children at the time.  All I would have had to do is move sideways into telecommunications.  I didn’t do it.

I’m not a hero.  I’m just a Christian man.  Early childhood sexual sins made me immune to compromise with sodomites.  The deeper they sunk their roots into American culture, especially Christian culture, the more determined I became to rip them from holy soil and cast them into hellfire.  I’m not a phobe.  I’m not afraid of the Left.  I’m an American patriot.  I want to see our nation continue, recognizing and forgiving the sins of our forefathers.  But we can’t possibly begin to reckon with the sins of King Louis, Columbus and George Washington unless we are willing to take an honest and sustained look at our own sins.

Murdering, threatening and destroying other people’s property is not protest.  That is clearly sin.  It is also illegal.  America will not begin any kind of healing until Americans return to honoring the moral law of God.  It wasn’t that long ago that all of us recognized the primacy of Christian moral law.  The only reasonable path forward is a return to respect for Christianity and the Church.

For me as a newly minted Roman Catholic that is respect for the oldest private institution on the planet.  My wife and most all of my friends are Protestants.  For them it is the church they attend.  Almost all the leadership of all forms of Christianity in the West is undeserving of respect.  It was on their watch that Christianity lost it’s hold on the thinking and imagination of humanity.  This could not have happened without a design.  They knew what they were doing.  They know what they are doing now.

Christianity can have NOTHING to do with sodomy … obviously.  Yet, Christianity’s “tone and style” toward the sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance is becoming the arbiter of the religion’s merit.  This is insanity and nonsense.  And it is happening because of the cowardice of our leadership.

A good Christian man hasn’t been dead a week and the twitter mob is gleeful.  Mike Adams isn’t even in the ground and the Left has already moved on to their next thousand cancellations of goodness, truth and beauty.

I guess we all better get used to our lives being a celebration of Biden’s campaign motto — “Burn baby burn.”



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