In war the only sure defense is offense, and the efficiency of the offense depends on the warlike souls of those conducting it. — George S Patton


In the late 1970s I decided to go on offense against satan.  I didn’t know at the time that I decided to make war on satan.  I thought that I was making a political decision to resist sodomy.  At that time the debate was over the term of art “sexual orientation.”  The political and religious Left had possessed the english language and come up with phrases like “sexual orientation” and “gay rights.”  Everyone knows there is nothing right about sodomy.  The big lie worked.  I suppose it always has.  And orientation has nothing to do with sex.  Sex works when it is reserved for the marriage bed.  Outside of that it doesn’t work.  It destroys … everything ultimately.

But God never leaves his creation without truth.  It is everywhere.  It costs nothing to discover.  Is is free.  Money has nothing to do with it.  Love is natural and real.  Hate is merely the absence of goodness, truth and beauty.  Hate is not a creation.  It is ugly, corrupt, vicious and violent.

Who are the haters?  Is it loving to murder your baby in the womb?  Is it good to destroy and loot someone else’s property … for any reason?  Are tattoos beautiful?  Is an educational institution interested in truth when it replaces the theology department with the womens studies department?  Is a nation civilized when it celebrates the suicide of a 55 year old college professor (Mike Adams) despairing over the destruction of everything he holds dear?  Is a community even worthy of the word when it decides to make war on one of its own (Michelle Malkin) for staying true to the community’s principles?  Is an institution religious when it works overtime to develop “nuanced” ideas that undermine key tenets of the religion’s dogmas?

I have lived my whole life in a revolutionary moment.  It is, by definition therefore, difficult to separate the revolutionary ideas from the truth.  But it is not impossible.  Truth, goodness and beauty are never impossible.  They are always there.  We must do work to uncover them, especially during times of revolution when those who rule are possessed by a satanic lust for power.

The biggest single contributor to the mess the world finds itself in at the moment is a failure to understand the internet, especially social networks.  My generation thought we could build it out in such a way that we could honor and nurture humanity’s God-given freedom of conscience.  We baked so called privacy tools into Facebook etc.  But in our lust for power and profit (greed) we fabricated legal mechanisms that enabled the sale of all that data to advertisers.  Additionally we allowed governments to view and store all of it.  The inevitable consequence is upon us.  Nobody knows who to trust.  Everyone is a hypocrite.

We are burning down the past because it doesn’t matter anymore.  All that matters is the next email, post, like, tweet or video.  The devil has perverted the internet.  Humanity has always given him a leg up when it rolls out a new technology.  In the beginning, as things are being sorted, the new technology is weaponized by forces that must overcome tradition in order to advance the technology.  The tech innovations started hitting humanity at an impossibly fast pace in the twentieth century.  Humanity is digesting the internet now.

Social networks have always smelled putrid to me.  They are, in part, a weapon.  Trump gets that.  Many people don’t understand them.  I am only now beginning to deepen my personal involvement with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Minds.  I think the idea of a social network has a future.  I’m not exactly sure what that future will be, but the public forum aspect of them is obviously real, and potentially an aid to both the freedom of speech and conscience for everyone with access to the forum. 

I never thought of anything on the internet as private.  It is the worlds biggest copy machine.  But that is changing because it must.  God created the freedom of conscience.  Google and governments don’t have the power to change human nature.

This year has granted us a 20/20 glimpse of the technocratic future the Left is planning for U.S. and the world.  Tens of millions of people all over the world rejected it a long time ago.  The Left is using propaganda and politics to keep us divided.  We must open our eyes, remove all the muzzles, and shout the truth from every virtual and real world house top we can find.

God is going somewhere good.  Bill Gates is losing.  George Soros is nearly dead, he’s so old.  The Left in America is led by a demented white guy hiding in his basement.  Now is the time for all people of good will to unite and destroy this Father-hating death cult.




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