If the Guinness Book of Records were to track the most senseless attitude possible, the award would probably go to someone who committed suicide for fear of dying. — From an online article entitled The Most Monumental Social Engineering and Ideological Transshipment Effort in History, Part 1


Not Afraid of Dying

Paul, the great Apostle to the gentiles, wrote from Rome as he was approaching his martyrdom, “My confident hope is that I will in no way be ashamed but that with complete boldness, even now as always, Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or death.” Christians should be concerned about one thing above all others. They should want everything in both their life, and their death, to exalt Jesus Christ. Very imperfectly I have aspired to this since deepening my commitment to Him in my late teens.

When I was asked by a reporter what I was going to do with my new “power” after leading Christians to a victory over the forces of satan in Maine in 1998 I admitted that the celebrity, or power, unnerved me. I suggested — if memory serves me correctly — that my hero is Jesus Christ, and His power on earth came from service, humility and suffering.

This principle has been an immeasurable source of peace and strength throughout my adult years. I can honestly say that I haven’t suffered even a nanosecond of fear during this latest “crisis.” The response to the Chinese Communist Party virus felt political to me from the beginning. I never believed either the government, or the science. It all came on too quickly. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

And even if the CCP Virus is a bioweapon designed to reduce the world’s population to 500 million I’m not afraid of dying. I fear being faithless, or denying the plan God has for me. What scares me is judgment day. I’m not afraid of Bill Gates, Tony Fauci and Google’s system of the world. I believe, in fact, that the wheels are coming off of their system of the world right before our eyes.

It appears that most people in the world right now prefer economic suicide — and a “new normal” without handshakes, eye contact and hugs — over a .01 chance of dying if you are 85 years old and have pneumonia. It appears likely now that the best result from a CCPvirus test would be a positive one for most of us, because then we’d have the antibodies. Most everyone who isn’t 85 years old is surviving the virus. And if this version of the flu is like others then it’s likely that having the antibodies means not catching it again. I’m no scientist, but one thing is for sure … this thing isn’t playing out anywhere near as horribly as Fauci and company predicted it would. And the fact that Google is deleting the opinions of educated experts who dissent from the globalist narrative makes me all the more certain what we are dealing with here is political, not scientific.

Thank God for America and the internet. America has enforced globally the Christian principle of freedom of conscience. This idea is so deeply embedded in the world now that I don’t think the last powerful Western totalitarian government on earth — the Chinese Communist Party — will survive this crisis. Freedom to reason, and pursue truth and virtue, is rising all over the world as a result of America’s build out of the internet. Even the CIA’s surveillance weapon, Google, isn’t going to be able to censor humanity’s freedom of conscience now. The cat is out of the bag. We’re free.

And now we need to use our freedom to love one another by respecting and honoring our cultural, linguistic and national differences. We must stop conflating virtue with pleasure. We are most easily diverted from God’s path for our lives by our passions. Being passionate is not the same as choosing virtue. Passion, as we’ve all learned in recent decades, can easily lead to unhinged insanity. The world taking seriously the idea that men should be able to pretend to be women in sporting competitions, for example.

Paul declares himself with “complete boldness” in the quote above. The natural boldness of Christian masculinity has been drained out of humanity’s soul. Nonsense like sodomy and transgendering is mere evidence of this fact. None of this would be happening if Christian men were boldly choosing virtue over sin. For the Christian death is simply a threshold. We pass over the threshold into the spiritual world. We continue into the eternity that started for us when our parents cooperated with God in our creation.

The decision that faces you, dear reader, as regards death has little to do with the CCPvirus. No, the decision that really matters is whether you believe God has a plan for your life or not. If not, then you will spend eternity the way you want — apart from Him in hell. If you know He has a plan for your life then He will help you choose virtue right now, this second.

Do it. Amen.


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