What he is more than anything, perhaps, is genuine. — Abigail Curtis writing about Syd Sanders in the Bangor Daily News

No Room for Love — Part 2

Two days ago I wrote about how love has disappeared in America. I can think of no better illustration of my point than “journalist” Abigail Curtis’s hit piece on the Christian moral law. Pictured here is an eighteen year old girl who has been destroyed by her family, school and culture since the eighth grade. She calls herself “Syd.” Clever.

Syd insists on being called a “he.” I will NEVER refer to HER as a he. NEVER. That would be the most hateful and unloving thing I could ever say to


I’m ashamed of the fact that hundreds of adults who know that Syd is a girl surrendered to her threats since the eighth grade. They’ve been joining her in her pretend world for five years. To justify your insanity, dear adult, you may want to compare Syd’s story to a fairy tale. If it’s a fairy tale, it is surely an extremely macabre one.

What does this say about the culture in America’s “public” schools? Nobody can enter any institution in America without a permission slip now. I accompanied my WIFE on a two hour car journey to the Winston Salem hospital yesterday. She wanted me to be present as support while she met with her oncologist for the first time since emerging from her four months poisoning called chemotherapy. We were met at the end of the long catwalk from the parking garage by an officious nurse wearing a coffee filter. Standing behind her was a man with a gun. After unceremoniously turning away a frail, submissive and elderly couple who had shuffled their way a quarter mile from their car in the big city parking garage they glared at my wife and me. They stabbed a thermometer into our foreheads and demanded to know if we had the sniffles. The authoritative nurse turned to me and literally asked me if I had my written permission slip. I looked at my wife bewildered. The nurse then demanded I stand aside. I removed my coffee filter, took Paulie aside, and told her I was leaving.

You may be willing to become citizen 213583333 in Tony Fauci’s new world order. I’d rather be killed or die.

Syd’s been pursuing her transgendering for the past five years in the locked down corridors of “schools” that officiously teach Darwin’s theory at the expense of God’s created moral order. Science is priestcraft. And bubbling from this gaseous ideological ooze, like puss from an infected wound, are fractured and wounded personalities like Syd’s.

Most complicit in this murder is the media.

Abigail Curtis opened her “news” story, “Syd Sanders is perched at the top of his 109-senior graduating class this year at Belfast Area High. The Harvard University-bound valedictorian believes he is the first transgender student in Maine — and perhaps the nation — to graduate with that distinction. But for the 18-year-old Sanders, who gets a little embarrassed when he talks about his academic accomplishments, the label of being a transgender valedictorian is secondary to who he is as a person.”

The story is so over the top propagandistic that I don’t know what else to say. I linked to it at the top of this COLUMN. Read it for yourself. Most people I know stopped reading sources like the Bangor Daily News many years ago. The pathetic quality of this “news” sure tells the story better than I ever could.

It may be true that institutions like the Bangor Daily News are still powerful enough to make this work. But I doubt it. I think the power has shifted away from them significantly enough that what we are getting from them now is mostly their unhinged pride. They are shaking their fist at God, and that’s about all they are doing.

People know better. They want better for Syd and themselves than this crazy world of climate change, transeverything and safe rooms.

Abigail describes Syd as “genuine.” To emphasize the point Abigail quotes Syd, “I just am who I am, I would probably be dead if I couldn’t be who I was. I just have to be myself.” There is nothing genuine about ignoring your DNA and using your mind to insist that your body wasn’t fitted to your gender when you were knit together in your mother’s womb. That is the definition of insanity. It is the definition of choosing not to be yourself.

Let’s pray for Sid and Abigail today. God help U.S. Amen.


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