Today one is being excommunicated by society if one opposes it. — Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

No Room for Love

Love is learned in the family. The organic or natural family begins with a father and a mother. No other arrangement is designed to work for children. They must have a father and mother who are stable for a lifetime. We all need and want that. There is nothing on earth more insane than the suggestion that two men or two women can substitute as the opposite gender parent in a “marriage.” This is not gay. This is madness. And it is the essence of hate.

Do you look around, as I do, and ask yourself where love is hiding. I see bottomless evidence of lust, passion and pride. I see almost no love, as Jesus Christ lived and taught it in His gospel.

Pope Benedict observed recently that those who do not accept gay marriage must be prepared to suffer the consequences. “Today one is being excommunicated by society if one opposes it.” I was excommunicated for opposing it in 2004. And I took it personally. I worried to the deepest parts of my soul that I’d done something wicked, something wrong. I’ve only recently started to emerge from the fog of the psychological warfare that was waged on me over twenty years by the most powerful institutions in Maine.

Those who once stood with me went into hiding. They silenced themselves, afraid for their families and their livelihoods. They witnessed my excommunication from the highest political/religious level of Maine and decided my fate was not for them. These courageous Christians had also experienced the hate up front and personal during multiple campaigns defending the truths of the faith on sexual morality and family formation.

Now we are watching our children jettison the Christian traditions of America so they can “Feel the Bern.” They don’t understand how close to the all consuming fires of communism they are flying. While our children — who are having children and building families — should be joining us on the front lines of this epic battle for Western civilization they aspire to jobs where they never have to leave their home, and they accomplish ALL their tasks through a screen.

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Dr. Birk have just delivered up their wet dream. Now everyone does everything through a screen … by force. The globalist oligarchs are playing out their end game inside the heads of every person on the planet.

It is no longer just Western Civilization that is at stake. It is our humanity. We are volunteering for slave status in a technocracy that’s been in the works since the 1920s.


Sadly, I fear the only power capable of stopping this from happening is so weakened by their gated-community- retirement-cruise-ship-RV-induced coma that they will continue to ignore their sins, their children and their God. Since the second world war Americans have been marinated in materialism to a degree never before imaginable on planet earth. We’ve completely cut ourselves off from God, from moral TRUTH. Truth is now what the individual decides it is. This is the source of most of our confusion right now.

The idea that spiritual truth is decided upon by each individual interpreting a Bible verse, or sequence of Bible verses, comes from within Protestantism. The Protestant movement’s departure from Roman Catholic theology and praxis cannot be reduced to that idea exclusively. It is, however, a powerful idea for them. It has helped inform their tolerance of all religions within the borders of the United States of America. In the 1800’s it helped the nation absorb Roman Catholic and Jewish immigrants. They were accepted as Americans because they were also “people of the book.” If each individual Protestant has the right and obligation to find God in their scriptures then why not the Roman Catholics and the Jews?

Now, of course, we’ve become full on universalists when it comes to religion. All sincere and “good” Americans are saved and going to heaven … sort of. Theology and philosophy, indeed all the humanities … or what academics still refer to as the liberal arts … is so confusing to everyone that these once beautiful and important intellectual disciplines probably couldn’t even be resuscitated by a million of Donald’s beautiful ventilators. Some argue that a new intellectual dark age is right around the corner as a result. I am believing this is not the case.

I am working to honor the Western Church, imperfect for sure, that documents her existence through apostolic suc- cession all the way back to Saint Peter. She continues to this day to emphasize as her reason for existence on planet earth the delivery of Christian sacraments to all the people of the world. Wherever she is invited she will go. She brings the moral law of Christianity, teaching the people the way God did when He walked planet earth as a human person two thousand years ago.

We’ve developed a jaundiced, though somewhat tolerant, view of the Roman Catholic Church due to partisan battles between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism going back over five hundred years. The United States of America is the most Protestant nation on the planet. The nations who are leading the way back from the toxic side effects of Western philosophy’s Godless frontal assault on the Christian moral law predate Protestantism. I’m thinking of Russia, Poland and Hungary in particular. Should the United States of America choose to continue protesting in the discipline of religion I suspect we will gain the best insights for how to proceed from these nations. If we choose not to look to the eastern parts of the West then our totalitarian response to the fake science of coronain- sanity means we are crossing the threshold into our honeymoon suite having married the Chinese Communist Party. Our young people seem oblivious to all of this, especially the ones who are immersed in the most popular versions of postmodern Protestantism. I’m thinking of the evangelical mega churches, and the pathetic pro family movement.

The future for Christianity in America is anything but popular. We are back to the catacombs my friends. Look for Christian goodness, truth and beauty wherever you can find it. Nourish yourselves on it. It is everywhere. While running from a porch where I’d just dropped a package a few days ago I stopped and wondered at the flitting of two colorful butterflies on a brilliant yellow wildflower. God’s creation is all around you. Love it. Appreciate it. Worship Him. He made it all, and gave us free will. We are free to choose, or reject, Him. But He is always bringing good out of evil. HiStory is going someplace good.



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