MassResistance has consistently warned that “discrimination” laws and “hate crimes” laws ultimately lead to the stifling of everyone’s human rights. That has clearly happened in Canada. In the US, the First Amendment must be guarded zealously!


Stifling Everyone’s Human Rights


Back in the late 1980s I was the Associate Director of the Christian Civic League of Maine.  I was party to board level negotiations that resulted in the institution’s decision to take on the “gay” juggernaught using the populist mechanism known as an initiated referendum.

In the early 90’s I was appointed Executive Director of the political ministry.

My first duty was to fight Maine’s Attorney General.  His office was then, as it is today (only moreso), acting on “hate crimes” principles at the expense of free speech principles.

Click on the MassResistance quote above for evidence of where we are headed in Maine and America.  Come back to this article after you’ve read the MassResistance account.  The rest of this COLUMN will then make more sense to you.

Just before  I battled Maine’s Attorney General on hate crimes the League had sued the State for denying the institution access to the petition process.  While the League was tied up in court another group called Concerned Maine Families took up the Christian cause.

They rallied Christians and put the “sexual orientation” issue before the public in a referendum.  Their question lost by a narrow margin.

A characteristic of their campaign was it’s clever secular complexion.  They forced pastors to play the role of claiming there was “No Room for Hate.”

I objected at the time arguing that Christianity obviously doesn’t hate homosexuals.  There was no need to crusade allowing the other side’s lie about Christianity.

Even back then in the late twentieth century America’s religion, Christianity, was inviting the demon inside the temple.  The demon of politics first and foremost.  Politics only.  No religion allowed.  Even inside the church.

Under my leadership, and with my unrelenting encouragement every year when the Board decided the ministry’s priorities, the institution made fighting the sodomy movement the top priority.  As each year passed I saw only MORE reasons for the League not to cave on that issue.

Since my resignation in 2009 the situation has worsened dramatically.  No institutional resistance to the idea of sodomy as a moral good morphed through sodomy based marriage to transgendering.  We are headed toward state sponsored pedophilia and transhumanism.

And there is literally NO institutional resistance.  Certainly not from the “Christian” Civic League.  And only tepid mention from the right wing in politics.  Christianity is apologizing for her existence as the hyper corporatized proudly secular tyrannical American Way takes over the world.

You read about Bill Whatcott’s case in the linked article.

I was going to cross international borders to join him at that parade.  He gathered enough Canadians to march in the parade and offer his creative Christian witness to the Canadian nation.  I didn’t go.

At the time I thought his activism was brilliant.  I’d read his autobiography, “Born in a Graveyard.”  He is the most courageous and brilliant Christian political and free speech activist in the West.

I have to admit that I was scared to go.  But I would not have predicted at the time the blowback he is receiving now.  There is a very real possibility that he will go to jail on December 10.

Since Bill’s witness at that Toronto Gay Pride Parade I’ve been forced out of FedEx forever for my political and religious speech online.  I was at the bottom of the food chain in that mega corporation.  I did last mile delivery for them during the demonic global lock down in 2020.

Unbeknownst to me my male supervisor was living as female on Facebook.  I suspect he made an anonymous “hate crime” complaint against me to FedEx and the FBI.  FedEx interrogated me suggesting on tape during the interview that I was a bad Christian.  The FBI visited my home and suggested that my religious and political speech online hinted at criminal intent.

I can’t find a lawyer to take the case.  You’d think it is a slam dunk First Amendment case.  It isn’t because private corporations can do whatever they want.  The First Amendment applies to government agencies only.

Lawyers won’t defend a Christian white American male who will publicly argue that faggots are maggots without attacking any person or group.

Homosexuals aren’t a group.

Homosexuality is a sin no different than stealing or murder.  Read the Bible you still swear on when you take the public oath.  It’s not fiction.  It’s history.

America is obviously now acting worse than Sodom and Gomorrah ever dreamed of acting.

We are the world’s number one porn pusher.

The “smart” phone is designed to drain moral courage from males all over the world by perverting their God-given visual sexual arousal instinct.  The smart phone is also being weaponized by Big Tech and the American deep state to serve as a 24/7 surveillance instrument.

At the same time testosterone levels are dropping dramatically worldwide.  You’ve got to know there is a reason for that.  It isn’t just happening for no reason.  It is being done to humanity just like the Covid Cult is merely the means by which the global communist new world order has reached it’s second birthday.

It is so far past time to wake up that I don’t know what to say.

All I know to do is run for Governor of Maine and tell my story.  I lived it.  I must tell it before they kill me, jail me or God moves me on to my eternal reward.

You won’t share this with anyone.  It’s too long and controversial.

We’re pathetic.




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